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ABBYY Scan Station 9

Besides adding images, the Scanning Operator may edit added images see Scanning Station Help for details. The typical sequence of actions performed by the Scanning Operator would be as follows: Launch the Scanning Station and receive batch types from the server if the corresponding option is specified in project setting or Scanning Station settings.

If batch types are not loaded automatically, you can load them manually after the Scanning Station is launched. If there is an unfinished batch left on the station, continue processing this batch. Otherwise, create a new batch. If import profiles have already been created, select the appropriate profile and start the scanning process. If there are no ready-made profiles, create the necessary profiles and use them to scan the documents.

When adding the images, the Operator may visually control their property and edit them if required. If mere will not solve the problem, the Operator may change the scanning options and rescan the faulty pages. If documents are formed in the Web Scanning Station, they will be preserved during later processing. If the documents are not formed in the sent batch, it will be done automatically in the server according to the specified settings in the import or recognition stage.

Send the batch to the server. Actions with pages Adding pages To add pages, do the following actions: On the thumbnail pane, select a page after which new pages must be added: Depending on the source either click the Add from scanner button to add pages from scanner or Add from folder button to add page images from image files.

Depending on the selected method of adding images, scan paper documents or specify the path to files. Viewing page To view the page, select it on the thumbnails pane – move you mouse to the reduced page image and press left mouse button.

Page image will be displayed on the image view page in the middle of the screen. If this page is hidden, click the button in the toolbar at the top-right corner of the page.

To change the page image scale, you may use the Scale slider in the toolbar. Selecting several pages Operations described below can be performed both for one page and for several pages at the same time. Use one of the following ways to select more that one page on the thumbnails page: To select consequent pages, select the first of them by moving your mouse over the page and pressing the mouse button , press the Shift button and select the last page.

You can select a few in consequent pages with a mouse holding the Ctrl button. You can also undo selecting some of the pages, e. To select all document pages, move your mouse over the vertical ellipsis to the right of your document name on the thumbnails pane and select the Select all pages command in the document menu.

Deleting pages To delete pages, select one or more pages as described above and click the button on the top toolbar. Moving pages To move pages, do the following actions: Select one or more pages as described above.

Move your mouse to any of selected pages, press the left mouse button and holding the mouse button move the cursor to the place where the pages should be inserted. When trying to move a few inconsequent pages, other not selected pages which are situated between them will not be moved. The order of pages being moved will be preserved. Changing page orientation To change page orientation “rotate pages” , do the following actions: Press on the top toolbar and select the preferable rotation angle.

Wait until the operation is completed. Actions with documents To create a document, select one or more consequent pages and click the button on the main toolbar. Viewing document registration parameters To view document registration parameters, do the following actions: Select the document by moving the mouse over its name and pressing the left mouse button. Information about document registration parameters will be displayed on the Parameters pane on the right side of the page, in the section whose name coincides with the document name.

If this panel is hidden, press on the right toolbar. If registration parameters for the document are not specified, the corresponding section remains blank. Creating new registration parameters and deleting existing ones is not possible. To add new parameters, it is necessary to change the batch type properties and form the batch anew. Selecting several documents The actions, which are described below, can be performed for one or several documents at the same time. You can select several documents in the following way: To select consecutive documents, select the first one by hovering the mouse pointer over it, pressing the left mouse button and Shift button on the keyboard, and selecting the last document.

To select several non-consecutive documents, select them using mouse by holding the Ctrl button. You can also cancel the selection of several documents.

ABBYY Scan Station 9

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