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You can enter a serial number for the application itself or a serial number for any Creative Suite that contains the application. If the product you purchased is one of the Creative Suites, you can enter it in any of the applications contained in the Creative Suite. Other applications installed as part of the same Creative Suite will recognize the new serial number the next time the applications are launched.

Only applications running as a trial will recognize the new serial number. Then on the next launch of the application, it will recognize the new serial number. The serial number you purchased is for the use of the software in a specific language, and will only be accepted by a product installed in that language. Volume licensing customers cannot purchase from a trial directly, however a volume licensing serial number can be entered in the trial product.

Please contact your reseller or authorized Adobe licensing center to place an order for a volume license. To find a reseller in your area, go to http: Electronic licensing This product is offered subject to your acceptance of the license agreement included with the media and to limited warranty terms. See the Adobe Software License Agreement for details. The software may automatically attempt to activate over the Internet.

No personally identifiable information will be transmitted, except to the extent that IP addresses may be considered personally identifiable in some jurisdictions. To learn more, visit the Adobe web site at http: If you want to install the product on a different computer, you must first deactivate the software on your computer. Registration information When you install your software, be sure to register to get up-to-date product information, training, newsletters, and invitations to Adobe events and seminars.

Known issues When you try to edit or delete a blog entry in Blojsom by clicking the blog entry title in the Contribute workspace, the Edit Entry and Delete Entry buttons do not appear. Instead, the Create Connection button is displayed. Use the Entry menu to select the entry instead clicking the blog entry title.

The In Browser editor is not supported on Firefox 3 for Mac. Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 4 applications. Contribute has a new inline spell checker, so errors are flagged in real time. It uses a dictionary shared with the other CS4 programs, not the OS X system dictionary, so your personal words won’t be available unless you reenter them. And, in editing mode, draft pages are now automatically saved at a frequency you set.

Let Firefox be your editor One of Contribute’s interesting and useful new features is a new toolbar for Firefox 2 Adobe promises future Firefox 3 support that provides the Contribute editing tools inside the browser, so that you can perform many editing tasks without leaving Firefox or needing to launch Contribute. This can actually be very useful, lowering the barrier to making quick changes to your sites. Unfortunately, there’s no similar toolbar for Safari, but in this case the fault lies with Apple for not providing an interface for third-party developers to add features to its browser.

With the new Contribute toolbar, Firefox users can either open a page for editing in Contribute itself, or can edit pages with Contribute’s tools without leaving the browser, as shown here.

Adobe appears to be competing with itself by introducing the hosted In Context Editing ICE service, which also allows inexperienced users–who don’t own Contribute–to edit Web pages in a browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer with Flash Player 9 or later installed. Differences between the two products point to Adobe positioning Contribute more for use in corporations and higher education, and ICE for casual users. This protects against accidental editing changes from different and unsupervised users.

However, most people will be getting the program as part of a CS4 suite upgrade, where it is essentially free with the rest of the package. For individual users of the standalone product, Contribute CS4 is not a worthy upgrade, due to the lack of compelling new features.

Larger companies may benefit from the improved workflow options, and you need to update all of your copies of Contribute if you want to take advantage of the new collaborative features. But if you are pleased with Contribute CS3, you will probably not find the changes in this version to be worth the upgrade cost.

When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Adobe Premiere Pro is a real-time, timeline-based video editing app. Premiere is optimized for working on computers with more than one CPU, graphic cards and computer monitors. It supports the contemporary digital camera and capture card feeds, as well as their file formats, as input.

Adobe Soundbooth is a discontinued digital audio editor. It had fewer capabilities than Adobe Audition and eventually became a part of Audition. Adobe SpeedGrade is a color grading app that integrates with Adobe Premiere Adobe Story is a screenwriting , production scheduling and reporting app.

Adobe Ultra is a discontinued chroma key compositing app; it removes the background of video usually recorded on a blue or green screen and combines it with another video background.

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It facilitates the editing of text and images without the danger of accidentally breaking the design or organization of the site. The new CS4 version provides a sprinkling of useful new features, but overall, this is a mediocre revision. Contribute is included in the Web editions of Adobe Creative Suite 4, and is also available as a standalone product. One drawback to the new interface for Mac users is that Contribute CS4 really wants to take up your entire screen. You can shrink the document window, but the toolbars and panels stick stubbornly to the top and left sides of your screen unless you manually move them elsewhere. Unlike previous versions, Contribute CS4 does achieve feature parity between the Mac and Windows versions. You can set certain templates, created by Dreamweaver, to be the basis of a specified workflow, which helps organizations ensure proper approvals before pages are published. Large site collaboration Contribute has long had the ability to assign different editing and publishing roles and privileges to selected users. For example, you can assign Writers to create and edit content, but not push it live to the site—that ability being reserved for the Publisher role. This workflow has been extended in the new version so that certain site templates can require a specific workflow.

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Adobe Contribute Print Start Contribute. The My Connections dialog box appears. The options in this dialog box let you create and manage your Contribute connections. Highlight the existing connection listed in the main panel and click Remove. Click Create. This wizard or assistant guides you through setting up a new website connection. Click Next. On the Choose a Connection screen, select Website and enter your web address or url.

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Firefox 2 Broadband Internet connection required for online services For updates to system requirements, visit www. This product may allow you to extend its functionality by accessing certain features that are hosted online “online services” , provided you have a high-speed Internet connection. Use of the online services is governed by separate terms of use and by the Adobe Online Privacy Policy, and access to these services may require user registration. Some online services may be subject to additional fees, including services that are initially offered at no charge. For more details and to review the terms of use and Online Privacy Policy, visit www. Install your software Before you install, close all applications currently running on your system;including other Adobe applications, Microsoft Office applications, and browser windows. It is also recommended to temporarily turn off virus protection during the installation process. You must have administrative privileges or be able to validate as an administrator. Do one of the following:

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Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps and services so you can make anything you can imagine, wherever you’re inspired. Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Now you can take your ideas. For the Contribute web browser plug-in: Firefox 2 * Online services, including, but not limited to, Adobe Stock Photos and Adobe Connect, aren’t available in all countries, languages, and currencies. Availability of services is subject to change. Get started with Adobe Contribute. Find tutorials, the user guide, answers to common questions, and help from the community forum.