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Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

The competition amongst the top 5 image editors is quite fierce with the newest Coreldraw and Gimp versions now on the market and the new Lightroom coming soon. It would seem that even the most famous picture editors have no reserved seats. Manage the color saturation of your pictures Content Aware Fill This massive tool presents a whole new world of possibilities the first time you have your hands on it. Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want.

The grateful surprise comes when you start working with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and discover that, with this new tool, you will save a lot of time in erasing or modifying elements without leaving overly noticeable traces on the original picture. Adobe has created a dynamic tool that allows the users to select an element in the image automatically and modify it the way you want It comes very handy for simple replacements, but where it really stands out is helping the user with deep modifications.

Refining an image for making it perfect in each sense of the word may take too much time. For this reason, the inclusion of the Refine Edge is important, since it makes possible to fix fuzzy edges much more quickly than before. In addition, thanks to the Smart Radius function you can make an automatic selection much more accurately than with manual tools; perfect for irregular silhouettes with detailed borders. In this same section there has been an additional tool included that allows an advanced method for modifying photos: Puppet Warp.

This new function makes easier to reshape and overlap different parts of the figure. Although it provides interesting possibilities, it is very difficult to use for professional photography if the user wants to create realistic human figures, but if you want to apply distortion on purpose or only move a limb, this tool is very suitable.

Modify each part of the figure individually with Puppet Warp Camera Raw 6 Specially designed for professional and amateur photographers, Camera Raw 6 acts as a plug-in that allows the user to import pictures from a digital camera directly. This software allows, in addition to better file management, for retouching the original pictures with better noise reduction, amongst other effects. Camera Raw 6 for Adobe Photoshop CS5 supports more than digital camera models with different technologies.

Among the advantages of using Camera Raw 6, instead of other kind of additional software, is that the camera profiles are automatically incorporated in the plugin. Thanks to this, once you have loaded the profile of your digital camera, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can correct some of the usual issues with these kinds of cameras.

For example, using Lens Correction you will fix image distortion from the lens that has been used, providing an image much more realistic than the original, without losing quality in the process.

Using this feature you can make the most of your own photography equipment by combining it with the possibilities granted by this software. Correct your own pictures taken with your camera thanks to Lens Correction Management and Performance This Photoshop CS5 takes a step further towards the total integration how you manage your personal photo albums with the addition of CS Live directly from the application.

Thanks to this feature, you can manage your local pictures and upload them to your personal online space as well as accessing to free tutorials from Adobe experts and utilize a forum where the Photoshop community gathers for offering advice and solving problems. Adobe has put some effort in giving this version more stable and reliable software The Mini Bridge included in this CS5 version allows the user to manually manage your folders and pictures that are in your own computer.

This way you can access all your pictures directly from the application without having to exit the program to your local folder explorer. With CS5, the overall performance has been improved in exchange for a longer launching startup time. For those users that will work with CS5 in its native bits version, they will notice that the program runs a lot smoother demonstrating that the developers have focused on this aspect. Feel free to check the full version’s latest features to check the popularity of this program: Photoshop plug-ins you will need The following are freeware Photoshop plugins for photographers, illustrators and graphic and web designers.

Stop your search… they really work! Perfect Effects Free: Stylize images in the most versatile and easy way. You can feel the difference in performance from the moment you open Photoshop CS5 all the way through closing the application.

You can define and redefine your images in a few touches of your fingertips or with a few clicks. Photography has never been this easier before. You can process Raw images with less effort. The new integrated Adobe Camera Raw 6 plug-in makes it much easier to preserve all the details, perfect colors and a natural feel when removing noise and adding film-like grain effects.

It gives you more control over post-crop vignetting and better results when sharpening images. Photoshop CS5 works gorgeously when it comes to lens correction. Achieve your goals With the help of Photoshop CS5, you can take your artistic skills to the next level.

All new features and toolsets are available for achieving the impossible. Artistic brushes are available for painting. Mixer brush is now included in the CS5 version to get even more creative.

With the help of Bristle tips in brushes you can work with even more realistic strokes and color blends. You can brush directly on images to create eye-catching paintings. Be productive Photoshop CS5 provides the best ever tools and features for photo-editing so that you can be creative and productive. It includes support for bit systems and also higher levels of addressable RAM for better performance.

You can easily process large size raw images and work with big documents. The new selection tools make your workflow flexible yet much more effective.

You can access your images everywhere. Other Interesting Features Intelligent selection technology Selection tools are very important in the creative process of editing your images. Adobe Photoshop CS5 takes these tools to the next level for captivating images results.

The new selection tools work intelligently and select only those areas which you intend to select. You can precisely select areas of the image. The new selection technology is much more accurate in selecting the subjects and extracting them from other objects in the composition. The new selection tool is very intelligent in selecting the finest details like hair.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

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He takes a very complicated imaging application and manages to distill the most important ‘how-tos’ for photographers with lively, conversational text and informative illustrations. Kelby takes what might ordinarily be dry subjects which filter to use when, where to find something in the menu system, what numbers to use as a starting point in a given slider and explains them clearly, even making them fodder for wacky jokes and flights of fancy. This latest entry will help photographers harness the power of many additions in Photoshop CS5. For example, the chapter on High Dynamic Range HDR photography explains how to use the newly enhanced functionality to create HDR images without needing a third-party plugin. Kelby, ever aware of his audience, also includes a tip or two to mimic the specific look that the old plugins achieved. Another new section includes an explanation of how best to use Content-Aware Fill, the magical new feature within CS5 which lets the software analyze how an image would have looked like if an unwanted object or area had not been in the frame. Color correction is one of the indispensable subjects covered in the book. Kelby uses lively, conversational text and informative illustrations to explain his techniques.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers