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Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

Untuk menginstal dan menjalankan aplikasi edit video ini anda harus memiliki PC dengan Spesifikasi yang sedikit besar agar Adobe Premiere Pro CC dapat berjalan dengan lancar di PC anda. Fitur ini akan membuat pekerjaan anda menjadi lebih fleksibel dalam mengedit video. Source Monitor Timeline View Fitur ini dapat memudahkan anda melihat sequence yang bukan merupakan project tanpa harus mengimportnya terlebih dahulu 3. Search Bins Seacrh Bins berguna untuk memudahkan anda dalam menemukan dan menyusun media yang berbasis metadata. Fitur Interface akan memudahkan anda untuk lebih mengenali atau memahami apa-apa saja yang ada di dalam Adobe Premiere Pro CC dan kegunaan masing-masing interface nya.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

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Please be aware that “Creative Cloud” and “Creative Cloud ” require different patches for full activation of all features. Therefore a version check is now built in to all Adobe patches. The release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC provides tighter integration with After Effects, new Master Clip effects, and several new features and enhancements to make postproduction workflows simpler and faster.. If using the standalone installer. Extract the contents of the. Start the installer by Running the setup.

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Premiere Pro CC lets you designate a “master clip,” to which you can apply effects that are then applied to all instances of the clip on your timeline. Select a clip in the timeline, add an appropriate effect for example, Mosaic to the clip, click a button in the Effects Controls panel to create a mask, then resize and position the mask over the offending portion of the video. Click another button to analyze the clip. As Premiere Pro analyzes, it creates a series of keyframes—one per frame. With Premiere Pro CC ‘s new Masking and Tracking feature lets you implement a simple mask to obscure faces, and then it will track that mask as your subject moves. The process was a little slow on my getting-up-there workstation—about a frame per second—but with the right clip, it worked pretty well. If you want to obscure multiple subjects, then you must create multiple masks, and perform the tracking operation multiple times. The key to success with this procedure is to position the mask over relatively constant portions of the frame—inside the borders of a face, or over the solid background of a T-shirt.

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