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Autodesk Alias Surface 2015

As you select surfaces and curves, the curves are automatically projected onto the surfaces, and the corresponding trim curves are displayed on the surfaces. By default, the direction of projection is determined by the view vector of the window where you selected the curves that is, perpendicular to the window. To project normal to the surface, you must select the Normal option. Click on the regions of the surfaces that you either want to keep or discard. Regions are areas delimited by curves-on-surface.

If the trim regions are spread across multiple surfaces, you can box-select them. Crosshairs appear on the selected regions. To move a crosshair, click it and drag.

If those region selectors appear too large or too small on your geometry, you can adjust their size by using the Region Selector U Size and V Size sliders in the control window. Clicking anywhere inside the surface edges will also work. At any time, before performing the next step, you can change the vector option in the control window to change the direction of projection. The curves-on-surface update.

If you choose Picked, you must then pick a vector object along which to project. See Create or edit a reference vector. If you choose View, you can project different curves along different view vectors. However, if you then click Refresh View Vector, or select a different vector option, all curves-on-surface update to match the current projection vector. Click one of the buttons: Keep, Discard, or Divide, depending on the type of operation you want to perform.

Alias products are no longer supported on MacOS General When the User Defined Texture is selected in the Diagnostic Shading window, the icon for the tool will not change when you change the Map Type. Alias will not interactively load an empty Shelf Set. If the result of the load is an empty shelf, Alias will reload the previous set. The LiveUpdate notification functionality satellite icon on far right of menu bar has been replaced by Autodesk Application Manager.

For more information, see About Autodesk and Application Manager. Modeling When building a profile surface using the Rotate To Target orientation, the profile rotates until a part of the profile curve is tangent to the target surface. If the profile is a degree 1 curve then the tangent condition is not likely to be achieved. For this case you need to select the Use Profile Point option to specify where you want the contact to be made. This caused inflections in the surface that were undesirable.

The blending function has been changed to the one used by Panel Gap and Round to make all these tools consistent. This new blending function will produce flat spots only at local minimums or maximums and smooth transitions at intermediate spots.

The Align tool behavior changed as follows: Modifying the degree of the slave surface causes the tangent arm lengths to reset based on the last aligned surface – any changes you made to the arm lengths are lost. Before changing the degree, use the Accept button to preserve the arm lengths.

The workaround is to un-extend the upper edges of the two input surfaces that meet at a needle point, then try creating the fillet again.

Autodesk Alias Surface 2015

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For your convenience, the list is separated into distinct feature areas. Modeling The Draft tool causes a crash when creating a double-sided draft with layer symmetry on. Alias now detects this situation, warns you and prevents the printing. Alias crashes for old files that do not have a thumbnail saved. However, when you mouse down to tumble, the View Panel disappears. Now Alias will not force the window on top, but will raise the window if input is required. Autodesk Alias must be installed. If you get an “Unable to initialize adlm” error after uninstalling a Service Pack, please read the following knowledge base article:

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