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Autodesk Alias Surface 2016

The conventional modeling tools are offered for this AutoDesk Alias Surface These tools are mainly based on the philosophy of curve-based modeling. The high-end surface modeling discipline matches the Class A quality level. As concept modeling, this modeling effort requires advanced tools and different workflows.

The surface highlights are very sensitive and show every small imbalance, so the surfaces must be put together very nicely. For this special purpose, many automotive companies prefer the use of NURBS singe span geometry and its direct manipulation over time. In addition to this, surfaces of Class A must match special requests for technology. The radii, for example, must have some peaks and some lead in.

Shut-line design requires special tools and diagnostics that are also available in AutoDesk Alias Surface Especially when designing surface complexes with more than one surface item filet and flange history-based tools, multiple different commands can be combined into one tool.

This file highlights known issues in this release. It is available for all platforms on the Maya download web page. It must now be installed and uninstalled separately from Maya.

If you encounter errors that some files cannot be deleted, log off and then try emptying the Trash again after logging in again. When the Trash is empty, Alias can be installed. VRED Solution: Modifying the degree of the slave surface causes the tangent arm lengths to reset based on the last aligned surface. The tool does not keep track of the changes you might have made on the arm lengths. Use the Accept button to preserve the arm lengths, before changing the degree. A new Align starts when clicking on the second surface.

In Align, you can switch between Edge and Project at any time. For that to be possible, in the case of multi-align, the edges and the surfaces need to be continuous. So, even if you choose Project, internally Align selects edges and makes sure they are continuous.

Users can make various real-time modifications in projects, enhance 3D models or sculpt surfaces. Industrial designers can model surfaces and create class-A surfaces. Besides, developers added various instruments for multiple operations in one process. Such features as shading in clay, lighting of ray effects, surface evaluation simplified the surface analyses. Alias Surface has a number of improvements necessary for concept formulation, model forming, surface modeling, reverse engineering and data integration.

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Autodesk Alias Surface 2016

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Monorail and Birail Control options Generation Curves 1 — Sweep one generation curve along the rail curves. Use the Gen. Blend Value slider to control the midpoint of the blend. Rail Curves The number of paths to sweep the generation curve s along: The default setting is 2. Setting Rail Curves to 2 is similar to using the original Birail tool. Continuity table The Continuity Table displays one row for each boundary curve involved in the rail operation.

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