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Autodesk Alias Surface 2019

Alias Research[ edit ] Alias software [1] was developed by four Computer scientists: Initial versions ran only on SGI’s super-microcomputer using bit Motorola processors and Irix OS, until late the s when the Windows platform could use bit chips. In Mac versions were launched. The company soon emerged as a premier software product company that produced high-end 3D graphics software. It became part of Autodesk in Products[ edit ] The product suite starts with Alias Design as the entry-level conceptual design system, progressing to Alias Surface, and then to Alias Automotive as the top-of-the-line product with all of the options. Tools for sketching, modeling and visualization are combined in one software package.

Autodesk Alias Surface 2019

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The Combine Surfaces tool allows you to combine several surfaces into one surface as long as the combined outer boundary of all the surfaces has exactly four sides. Combine Surfaces does not work on trimmed surfaces. How the tool works Combine Surfaces fits four curves to each of the four outer boundaries of the set of surfaces you selected. Then, it places a simple surface, of the degree you selected in the option box, within those four curves. The tool samples the interior of all the selected surfaces and modifies the surface to match those samples. If you selected continuity with boundary surfaces, Combine Surfaces samples those surfaces as well, and increases the samples along the outer boundaries of the original surfaces. Pick the surfaces you want to combine. As you add surfaces, the surface boundaries change color. Green means the current group of surfaces has a four-sided boundary and can be combined.

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Unify geometric normals, then reset visual normals to match geometric normals on all selected surfaces. Geometric Unify geometric normals only. Visual normals on changed surfaces retain their direction. Offset improvement We now display feedback when Offset creates surfaces with self-intersection. Improved display of locators in Trim and Trim Convert tools New Region Selector Length option displays trim locators based on pixel size rather than based on the size of the surfaces to be trimmed. Improvements to msave crash recovery We improved the crash recovery options. The message that appears when you crash now lists 5 stages maximum, or four stages plus the total number of stages, and includes the following options: Save Cancel Reopen Perform action for all stages – When selected, no additional confirmations display.

Autodesk Alias Surface 2019

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