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Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2015

Quickly open new and existing drawings and access a large selection of design elements. Help window enhanced The Help window now displays tool locations within the interface. Professional documentation tools Capture the precise details of your design with AutoCAD documentation tools. AutoComplete supports mid-string search. Section and Detail views Easily access tools for creating Section and Detail views. Choose from common section methods including full, half, offset, and aligned. Associative array functionality Establish and maintain a set of relationships between arrayed objects, such as windows on a building or trusses on a bridge. Design Online maps enhanced Access online maps—formerly live maps—directly inside the canvas. Now you can also capture them as static images and print them.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2015

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The new dark themed interface combined with the traditional dark model space minimizes the contrast between the drawing space and surrounding tools to help reduce eyestrain. The content drawings can be accessed from Template Folders, internal servers or Autodesk To add content from an external source to your library simply select the object whose style you wish to update and then select the Image Area on the Properties Palette. From the resulting dialog box users may browse to the earlier mentioned areas. Users may now visualize the result of many commands before actually completing the command. This behavior is provided to the Extend, Trim, Fillet and Chamfer commands, to name just a few. Drawing Version Management The Project Navigator has been enhanced with Version Management tools which help keep track of design changes made to the drawing files. Changes to Design elements within a drawing can occur often and at times may even revert back to ideas that may have been discarded earlier in the process.

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2015

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