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Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 2016

Improves Multi-service Hanger Takeoff orientation on sloped piping. Improves how couplings are inserted when using the Multi Point Fill feature in a pipe service with risers. Improved stability when exporting items with invalid services or specifications to a PCF file.

When new Design Line Templates are created, they are now immediately displayed within the service. Improved stability when opening drawings that contain SW oversize seams that refer to a RAW notch, which then refer to a SW oversize seam, resulting in an endless loop.

Improved the display of Design Line elevation history units. Improved stability when executing scripts for subassembly items. When entering text using the Notes field on the Takeoff dialog, the text auto-complete behavior has been improved to more accurately reflect the text being typed in by the user. Improved the ability to multi-select ancillaries. Improved stability in using Multi Service Takeoff with Hangers when objects are pre-selected.

CID — The visibility of the exhaust fan symbols has been improved. PCF Export has been improved to include weight data in the output.

Improved the behavior of Design Line fills to obey line overrides. CID — Improved reporting out size Annotation. Improved stability when re-filling in Design Line. Improved scripting filename method to handle multiple points in the item filename. Improved load and save behavior on Design Line Elevation, Terminal and Offset History parameters so that drawing files now open in an acceptable length of time.

See Adding Functions to Calculated Dimensions. Database Import and Export: To improve ease of use, the Database Import and Export dialogs have been consolidated to support import and export of single or multiple database areas to a file. Design Line Template: To improve efficiency and reduce setup, you can use Design Line templates across services.

See Design Line Templates. Service and Service Template Deletion: To improve efficiency and reduce setup, a new user interface allows you to delete multiple services and templates simultaneously.

See Deleting Services or Service Templates. Zoom Controls: To improve ease of use, zoom controls now respect the selected model extents. For more information, see Common Drawing Commands. The following new features are specific to Fabrication CADmep Enhanced Item Folders View: To improve the access to and display of fabrication items, you can orient the Item Folders view vertically or horizontally. See Item Folders.

You can create custom user-defined machine code NC for defining installed machine fabrication motion path and cutting behavior. Multiple Decoiler Support:

Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 2016

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