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Autodesk Inventor LT 2016

You can create a derived part using a part, assembly not in LT , sheet metal part, or weldment. The source is called the base component. A derived assembly not in LT component originates from an assembly file and may contain parts, subassemblies, and derived parts. You select geometry to add, subtract, or exclude from the resulting derived component. Create a Derived Part Select features, bodies, surfaces, visible 2D and 3D sketches, work features, parameters, and iMates to include or exclude from the derived part. Sketches that are not shared or consumed by features are included in the base component. Create a part file: If you want to create a multi-body part file, create one or more features or bodies. If you want to create a single solid part with no pre-existing features or bodies, choose Finish Sketch when you start the new part to close the default sketch. On the ribbon, click Manage tab Insert panel Derive.

Autodesk Inventor LT 2016

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Download additional guided tutorials here. This exciting learning environment runs inside the Inventor application and leads you through tutorials in a side panel with step by step video, supporting text and model files, and in-canvas visual clues linked to the text. If the Videos and Tutorials panel is not visible, select the Show Panels drop-down arrow and select Videos and Tutorials. Be sure to activate the Interactive tutorials project file before using the guided tutorials.

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If you select multiple sections on any plane, they must intersect. If more than one loop is in a sketch, first select the sketch and then select the curve or loop. To speed processing, turn off the Preview. On the Curves tab of the Loft dialog box, click in Sections, and then select, in sequence, the sections you want to blend. Click Center Line and select a 2D or 3D curve to use as the centerline. The centerline holds the loft shape between sections normal to the centerline.