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Autodesk Maya LT 2015

The process, called Geodesic Voxel Binding, helps artists bind geometry to skeletons much faster than previous methods, often with just a few clicks.

The skin binding tool can handle highly complex or less-than-perfect geometry, with even overlapping or non-watertight meshes requiring far less cleanup than traditional methods. The compute process is fast and the resulting skin weights are compatible with existing skinning methods in Maya LT. Walk Tool The new Walk Tool in Maya LT makes it easier for artists to move the perspective camera within the viewport while working on assets. The Walk Tool lets artists use the mouse and WASD keys to move through their scene, just like in a first person perspective game.

The technology is designed to take advantage of both parallel CPU and GPU architectures, resulting in faster draw performance. Working with control cages to modify and deform subdivision surfaces now shows updates in the Maya LT Viewport 2.

Texture Deformer The texture deformation tool enables displacing model geometry based on user-defined textures. Artists can deform their geometry by painting a texture map that assigns height values, which displaces the model mesh.

MEL is a scripting language within Maya LT that helps users simplify repetitive or complex tasks and facilitates sharing workflows with team members.

Using the built-in Script Editor, users do not need to spend time manually writing their script. While using tools in Maya LT the Script Editor displays the corresponding commands in MEL script, which can be customized to achieve a specific, repeatable result by the artist.

To make scripts easier to use in an everyday workflow, they can be saved and turned into customized parts of the Maya LT UI through Shelf buttons, Hotkeys, or Marking Menus. When creating 3D assets for a Unity game, artists can export the asset from Maya LT directly into the asset folder of their Unity project, simplifying the export process.

Assets exported using this method then appear within the target Unity project. Artists can send higher resolution models and larger environments from Maya LT directly to their Unity project. Artists can now export models and environments for use in a larger number of game engines. This produces much smoother weights really quickly — at interactive rates. Because the weighting assignment calculations are separate from the distance calculations, its possible to modify weights interactively at pose time without the need for additional processing.

Bifrost Effects Certainly the integration of Bifrost into Maya as a procedural effects platform is a huge deal. The Naiad technology will allow artists to create photorealistic simulation and rendering of liquids right within Maya.

All of the results from Bifrost can be viewed interactively in viewport 2. The Bifrost liquid sims can also interact with animating emissions, collisions or influencer objects, allowing for great flexibility with animations and simulations together. Modeling Enhancements Some new enhancements have been issued into the modeling toolset in Maya Much work has gone into creating better performance and streamlining workflows.

You can now retopologize high resolution meshes much more effectively in Maya. New Relax, Tweak and soft selections with the Quad Draw Tool make retopology much easier, and there is also a new interactive edge extend tool.

Shaders can be created by the familiar click and drag node-connection workflow. ActiveShade Rendering Enhancements have been made to ActiveShade with new support for mental ray, in addition to the iRay support.

Autodesk Maya LT 2015

Autodesk Maya LT 2015 discount

Total downloads: It features a set of tools for adjusting dimensions, checking integrity and adding custom animations. Previewing is possible. Autodesk Maya The default filename for the program’s installer is maya.

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These tools provide a starting point to realize your vision in modeling, animation, lighting, and VFX. Autodesk is self-provide the quick guide to starting working in it from beginner to expert level. Autodesk Maya 3D is an animation software tool that is built comprehensively and having rich features. The main features are 3D animation, simulation, modeling, and designing the new great product. This is used for animation characteristics, graphics, designs, backgrounds, etc. This designing software is used to design 3D animated cartoons, movies, video games, TV serials, and different effects. It runs on the macOS, Linux and Windows platform. Autodesk Maya is developed by Autodesk Inc. You can make characters in it and then you can make then move from one scene to others.

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How To Succeed in Animation Autodesk Maya LT to Launch on Steam Maya LT is coming to Steam, Valve’s popular entertainment platform, bringing its powerful animation and modeling feature set to Steam’s active community of over 65 million gamers, developers and artists. By Jennifer Wolfe Tuesday, April 15, at Maya LT brings its powerful animation and modeling feature set to Steam’s active community of over 65 million gamers, developers and artists to help them create 3D game assets to personalize their games and bring them into popular Steam titles like Defense of the Ancients 2 DoTA 2 or to create assets for use in their own games. We hope Maya LT will further that creative spirit and help a Steam user of any skill level to create high quality 3D game assets,” said Frank Delise, director, games solution, Autodesk. We can’t wait to try new things with the community and see how they push Maya LT to its limit and beyond. When purchased on Steam, developers will have access to a full commercial Maya LT license, allowing assets created in the tool to also be exported for use in any game on PC, console and mobile. An online entertainment platform, Steam hosts over games in all genres. Users can not only instantly download and play games, but also create and share content through the Steam Workshop.

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