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Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite 2017

New Dynamic Branch options allow you to create dynamic holes automatically, manually on selected objects, or automatically adjusts dynamic branch hole sizes based on connector type. See Dynamic Branch Holes. Job Contents View Groupings: You can now create customized groupings of information, with multiple levels, in the Job Contents view. For example, jobs can be organized by material and then further by specification.

Autodesk MEP Fabrication Suite 2017

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Cascading sequences for Network Licensed Autodesk Products. Written on. This allows multiple copies of software to be installed on more computers than there are staff members — users then start the software and are assigned a license from the pool of software that you own. This means that if you owned Autocad and a Suite which also contains Autocad for example and a user opens the software on their PC, LMTools will grab Autocad first before it grabs the Suite. When this license is used, it will then grab the Suite as this is the only license left in the pool. Please note that Industry Collections are always chosen first in a cascading scenario. The following order is used by cascade licensing for products:

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The Fabrication products provide access to both online and offline versions of Fabrication product Help. Online Help refers to Help that is displayed using an Internet connection, and is not stored locally. Offline Help is a version of Help that is stored locally, and does not require an Internet connection to be displayed. Accessing Online Help You can access the online Help for the Fabrication products in a variety of ways. In the drawing area, right-click CADmep Help. Much of the information is common across all of these products. Click the Help button located in the upper right corner of the application window.