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Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7

Version 7 and earlier were more reliable. It’s problematic at best. Liked version 5, 6, and 7 but v8 and 8. Terrible, apathetic tech support. Summary After 3 weeks of using v8. I didn’t notice this with small files; I only noticed it when copying large files because the copy window appears, whereas with small files it barely even flashes on the screen. However, instead of saying “Copying” it said “Moving” in the window title dialog box. I freaked out. When I first contacted Avantquest they told me they’d look into it.

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Completely customise your PC in a few clicks and see for yourself why PowerDesk continues to be the PC professionals’ file management choice! Once you’ve set up your favorite FTP sites, connecting with them is just 1-Click away. Sync Manager – Compare and synchronise the contents of two folders. Especially useful for work on files that are shared between two computers, it’s also useful for backing up files and much more! Using Size Manager makes it easy to efficiently manage drive storage space.

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Word documents. Acrobat files. Development files. The files you need to access on any given day can add up fast, and can be located almost anywhere from hard drives to network drives and FTP sites. PowerDesk Pro 7 lets you take control of all your files, no matter where they reside, and allows you to organize your PC the way you like. Are you tired of jumping between applications and windows to find or manage files? PowerDesk Pro 7 is far more than a file manager.

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Pin It ‘ Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7 is a professional, powerful and easy-to-use file manager for Windows that is designed to organize and manage files, digital photos, MP3 music files and web images on your computer. With just one, two or three clicks, you can customize your PC: Key features of Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7: As part of exclusive promotion offer from Avanquest Software, you can get free license key serial code of Avanquest PowerDesk Pro 7. Simply visit this promotional page , then complete the form with required details. The free license serial key will be sent to your email inbox.

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