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Highly recommended for making cinemagraphs on Mac OS X Cinemask Pro gives full control over cinemagraph creation, after importing your source video you trim to length, choose a freeze frame, and use the brush options to draw in the animated mask.

It has the most important features a cinemagraph app needs — seamless loop creation, ping-pong bouncing loops or cross-fade transitions with the ability to fade duration , opacity settings for advanced blending, and export as GIF or Video files with different quality settings applied. The best value for money on OSX Packed with all the features you need for making cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel Verdict: It also includes options to crop, change video levels, plus a bunch of video filter presets. Graphitii Verdict: One-time fee, nice interface. Cloud based, so you will require an active internet connection this could be a plus or minus depending on how you see it! Gifzign Verdict: Fully featured animated gif editor, decent cinemagraph editor Gifzign appears to be an animated gif editor, letting you import videos and add text and edit to suit. The cinemagraph option seems to work well, though it is missing a few options like brush hardness.

Overall it does the trick for a reasonable price. Cheap, not particularly pretty but mostly does the job. Clipgraph previously Flickgraph has been around for a while. The interface is a no-frills affair, but it has most of the options you would expect at this point. Mastering hard to use tools like Adobe After Effects, Beck and Burg would meticulously craft these beautiful living photos, sometimes taking up to a week to create just one. Since then, photographers, marketers, designers and businesses have adopted the medium as a part of their visual storytelling, and have created millions of cinemagraphs.

How Do Cinemagraphs Work? In actuality, cinemagraphs are a harmonious marriage between photography and video, blending the two mediums together. By LensOfAdventure Cinemagraphs are shared as short looping videos, usually between seconds in length.

A single cinemagraph loop is traditionally very short, lasting only a few seconds in length. When sharing a cinemagraph, people will often loop the file a few times to get the desired length of video. The highest quality cinemagraphs are often created from 4K, and sometimes even 6K video. File formats like H. Where Can I Use a Cinemagraph? Like photographs and video, the use case for cinemagraphs is endless.

Artists are flocking to the medium to leverage its novelty and challenge the way in which they can express themselves. The combination of static and motion also make cinemagraphs a popular tool for digital marketing. Brands and organizations are creating cinemagraphs for all different types of their marketing content. More specific examples of how and where cinemagraphs can be used include:

Cinemagraph Pro

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Something in the corner of your eye catches your attention. Cinemagraphs can be a range of lengths and file sizes and can be compatible with a range of video formats, from GIF to MP4 and even Live Photo format. Flixel, the Toronto-based startup that makes Cinemagraph Pro, gave us the scoop on creating a beautiful image. Er, video. Ok, Cinemagraph.

Cinemagraph Pro

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Dec 20,  · Cinemagraph Pro is the only professional tool specifically designed for the creation of living photos. With its unique “live-masking” technology, artists can preview their living images in real time and output HD () and UHD (4k) quality hybrid photographs/5(4). Jul 10,  · This tool enables creators to redefine their visual storytelling across photography, social media and digital advertising using cinemagraphs. With advanced features and a simplified process, Cinemagraph Pro makes cinemagraph creation fun, fast and easy. Cinemagraphs created in Cinemagraph Pro for macOS are based in bestbuyhow.coming System: OS X. That’s a Cinemagraph, the combination of a static image with a video. Cinemagraph PRO – A simple way to edit your photos These bits of video art are not only arresting, but a perfect tool for those of you looking for a way to capture attention for your photography, your social feed, and your business.