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Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

While working in Deep Exploration, you can still see the entire part assembly tree and manipulate individual objects. If you send a rendered image to Photo-Paint, you can then use tools to create the desired effect, such as converting colors to grayscale, and then send the bitmap image to Designer or CorelDraw. Although Deep Exploration is a standalone application, it is tightly integrated with Corel Designer.

When working in Designer, selecting 3D Import automatically launches Deep Exploration so that you can open and prepare a 3D model. And in addition to the tools in Deep Exploration for quickly sending files to Designer or Photo-Paint, there are also batch conversion tools for converting or rendering files. The Ottawa-based company also has a reputation for bundling lots of different tools with each of its programs.

Nowhere is that more evident than in this latest Designer Technical Suite. The package includes nearly a dozen separate components. Our installation consumed more than 6. The new Corel Connect application is a standalone content browser that helps users search for and preview content stored both locally and online, then quickly add that content to their designs. Callouts based on object metadata are dynamic, helping you implement updates and changes.

Drawing scale control Create illustrations and diagrams to scale with the drawing scale control. View the active drawing scale, switch to another preset, or set a custom scale. List metadata fields for a graphical or callout shape with the Object Data Manager docker. Enjoy the new ability to add Style Sets to objects when a matching Style Set exists.

Equation Editor Manage mathematical equations as editable elements using the integrated Equation Editor. Mathematical and scientific formulas can be inserted and displayed in the drawing, and then modified as needed. Watch video Straighten and adjust photos interactively Rotate crooked images by interactively aligning a straightening bar to an element in the photo or specifying an angle of rotation. Use the interactive Perspective Correction tool to adjust the perspective of buildings, landmarks, or objects in photos.

Innovative Add Perspective effect Quickly create the illusion of distance and depth by applying perspective to bitmaps, vector objects, or both, directly in the drawing window. Watch video Apply envelopes to bitmaps Shape a bitmap interactively by placing it in an envelope and dragging its nodes. Precise Precise design and illustration tools Get dedicated illustration tools that ensure accuracy and precision for axonometric drawing, detailed callouts and expansive dimensioning.

Add more detail to your technical illustrations with projected shape tools, including Thread, Well, Cylinder and Prism tools. Axonometric drawing tools Create isometric or other parallel projected technical illustrations for assembly and maintenance instructions by dynamically drawing on a projected plane. Project your existing planar objects to a desired plane in lieu of manual calculations. Watch video Advanced dimension tools Eliminate the need to draw and project dimension objects in multiple steps thanks to the advanced dimension tools.

Display precise measurement values in building plans and more. Add context with enhanced projected arrows in dimensions and leader lines. Precision layout and drawing tools Capture your intended drawing shape with exactness using the Outline Position options that recognize line width measurements for object dimensions. Use Dynamic Guides so all technical illustration elements are intuitively placed and create faster with the Parallel Drawing mode.

Streamlined callout creation Track essential design details and key information with dynamic callout tools. Sticky callouts will connect or “stick” to source objects as they are moved around or modified.

Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

Cheap Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

December 4, By David Cohn The needs of engineering, marketing and technical publishing are quite different. Engineers require tools to help them design products so that they can be manufactured. Marketing needs pretty pictures for ads and brochures. And the tech pub folks often want simplified drawings for catalogs and manuals. Corel Designer Technical Suite X5 aims to eliminate that disconnect.

Corel Designer Technical Suite X5

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CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X5 Direkter Zugriff auf technische Dateien und Dokumente Corel® CONNECT™ Den Rechner, ein lokales Netzwerk oder ausgewählte Online-Quellen schnell und einfach nach der perfekten Ergänzung für eine technische Zeichnung durchsuchen. + Corel DESIGNER® Technical Suite X5 Funktionen für die technische Illustration. In the “Resources” section of the Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite product information on the Corel web site you will find a document outlining “Which product of the CorelDRAW family is right for you”.There’s a feature comparison between CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite in that document. Corel Designer is now part of CorelDRAW Technical Suite and it is better than ever!. Originally developed by Micrografx, Corel Designer was a vector based graphics program. Along with many functions of graphic design, it also offered creation of great engineering drawings.