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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3

Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect’s Editors At a Glance Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 Many video-editing programs try to make the process easy enough for busy parents to perk up family vacation flicks while delivering enough features and effects for aspiring auteurs to make their movies look like indie shorts. The biggest improvement is that it’s zippier than before–on the right system. I found that in switching between editing tasks or previewing a clip, VideoStudio was snappier than most competitors. That’s thanks mainly to the program’s ability to take full advantage of the multithreading capabilities of Intel’s latest processors: On a Core i7 system running Windows 7, the app can keep up with your bursts of inspiration a fast graphics processor will also help with filters and video processing. Although no program is crash-proof, VideoStudio Pro X3 almost eliminates the terrible habit many video packages used to have of freezing whenever you so much as breathed on the computer. You can minimize an open project, go back to your “real” work tasks, and return later without fear that hours of edits will disappear.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X3

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It provides end-to-end video production in one complete package, including advanced editing, professional templates, filters, powerful real-time effects, and online sharing. It open full-screen and cannot be resized. The Step Panel at the top center steps through the three editing steps: Capture, Edit, and Share. Capture options: Media – Assemble videos, photos, audio clips to use in project Transition – Apply transitions between visual elements Title Tab – Create, animate, apply effects to titles Graphic Tab – Add backgrounds, including solid colors, images, Flash animations Filter Tab – Apply effect filters Audio Tab – Add audio clips Toolbar – Frequently used features:

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 Trusted Reviews may earn an affiliate commission when you purchase through links on our site. This may seem like an unlucky revision, but it contains some key additions, particularly regarding editing performance. Production is still divided into three basic stages — Capture, Edit, and Share — which are ranged as tabs along the top of the interface. However, each of these stages is no longer broken down to separate tasks in the same way, making the process somewhat easier to understand. This is a brand new addition to the toolset, providing a considerably cut-down selection of capabilities. First, the app will scan your hard disks for content, from which you can choose the files you wish to include in the edit. You then select a style, after which VideoStudio Express will cut your video together for you. You can add more media, change the style, and apply titles as well as a soundtrack. Individual clips can be trimmed and reordered, you can add white balance, change brightness, reduce noise and reduce shake. Essentially, this is a wizard-based automatic editing tool.