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Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

View We check over million products every day for the best prices Every year, CyberLink adds new features to PowerDirector, one of the best video editors for Windows users. On Version 18, new features include a refreshed interface and the ability to edit and export video in a social-app-friendly 1: While PowerDirector is a consumer product, it appeals to the most creative and adventurous of amateur filmmakers.

Editor’s note: Tom’s Guide has reviewed several previous versions of PowerDirector, so this review focuses on features added in Version PowerDirector price and availability PowerDirector comes in several flavors: Both the Ultra and Ultimate versions feature 25GB of online storage; if you purchase a subscription, you get 50GB of cloud storage.

PowerDirector 18 new features Among Version 18’s new features are the Square aspect ratio, a nod to Instagram and Facebook posters, and new motion-graphic animated titles.

Image credit: Cyberlink A major interface update lets you arrange tracks in whichever order you want, as opposed to just the top-down order of previous versions. While the previous version debuted nested projects, Version 18 now lets you combine clips and edits to reuse in different projects via the PIP picture-in-picture designer. If you go for the more expensive Ultimate version, you also get a new Shape Designer that you can use to add vector shapes, complete with autofit text and key-frame controls, to your footage.

The Best Free Video Editing Software The new Ultimate version introduces audio scrubbing, which means you can hear as well as see your preview on the timeline.

You can now edit 4K video and activate a dual preview, which gives you a high-resolution preview as well as a second window showing the contents of your library. You can also display two mini-audio meters as you preview your video on the timeline. Additionally, the new Ultimate version lets you customize your editing workspace by undocking and moving the library window, timeline and preview windows anywhere you want.

PowerDirector 18 Ultra features Reversible track ordering A simple check box changes the track order from top to bottom for the main video track. Tom’s Guide Even though the program’s default interface looks much the same as before, CyberLink has added flexibility by letting you change the stacking order of tracks in your timeline. Now, you can reverse the timeline track order so the main video track is at the bottom of the timeline and layered effects and overlays are stacked on top.

It may seem like a trivial issue, but it bothered many new users accustomed to video programs that handled track order the opposite way. To reverse the track order, check a box in the Preferences menu. Motion-graphic titles CyberLink includes 44 brand-new motion-graphic presets for dynamic titles.

Tom’s Guide One thing PowerDirector is superlative at is giving you enough choices to make your head spin. PowerDirector 18 delivers dozens of brand-new motion-graphic titles. You start with a preset and then use the available menus to customize and insert the title into the video timeline. This is not an automated process, but it is programmed so that you can see your options, experiment until you’re happy with the look and then save the settings to use in your video. After creating your motion-graphic title module template, just insert it into your video.

Tom’s Guide The Title designer gets an update too so that now you can add and position particle effects within your titles. Advances in the title designer facilitate adding particle effects to your titles.

Tom’s Guide Nested projects as picture in picture You can use the PIP window to reuse existing projects and edit their components in the timeline. Tom’s Guide PowerDirector’s nested projects feature lets you create and reuse projects. New for Version 18 is the ability to treat an inserted nested project as a PIP. It sounds complicated, but it all works very logically, giving you tons more editing flexibility. Welcome new features include TrueTheater HD up-sampling, video stabilization, audio and video denoise tools, motion frame interpolation, three music tracks up from one in version 7 , and nine picture-in-picture tracks up from six.

You also get a new particle FX library for overlaying such elements as snow falling. PowerDirector 8’s excellent price-to-power ratio is undeniable, so if you aren’t bothered by having to work in full-screen mode, go for it.

When a company keeps its word, I think you should know about it. Cyberlink sent me the latest version of PowerDirector 8, and all work areas are resized with the main window so that all controls are visible at all times. Nice job, folks. Since this change corrects the main shortcoming I identified in the original version of the PowerDirector 8, I now have no hesitation in recommending the program.

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Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

Price Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

Cyberlink offers PowerDirector 8 in two different versions: First Look PowerDirector 8 has a pleasing interface that is easy to get around from the get go. I found myself importing footage and adding various effects within minutes of installing PowerDirector 8. It has the ability to edit in both timeline and storyboard view, depending on your preference, and you also have the option of using dual display support, along with a flexible workspace that allows you to customize window sizes, ultimately making PowerDirector 8 a valid choice when looking for an intermediate editing application that will best suit your needs. The Cutting Room Within PowerDirector 8, the interface has everything arranged like other traditional editing applications do, with some customizable features depending on your preference. PowerDirector has different areas within the application called rooms for particular areas of editing. For example, there is an editing room, title room and a room for pretty much anything else you need to get done. PowerDirector 8 boasts a track timeline, providing plenty of space for intricate layered projects, with added copy and paste features not found in earlier versions. When you import HD footage, PowerDirector has the option to create lower resolution proxies, ultimately boosting your workflow, allowing faster previews and more responsive editing. If you want animation, PowerDirector 8 added a particle effect generator for simple effects all the way up to the most advanced special effects.

Purchasing Cyberlink PowerDirector 8 Ultra

This latest version of the program introduces a number of usability improvements and new features, most compellingly the TrueTheater video correction and enhancement tool. On the other hand, the upgrade fixes none of the previous version’s interface faults, such as its tendency to obscure tools when you run the program at less than full-screen. Since I like to multitask, these drawbacks have begun to grate on me a bit. I was pleased with the newly resizable panes for Media where you add files , Preview where you watch your movie , and Timeline where you assemble the movie in version 8’s Edit window. Cyberlink nicely revamped the Produce window where you select the output format and the location as well. Formerly presented over a series of three step-through dialog boxes, all options now appear on a single page that fills the main window. Version 8 also reworks the ‘Create disc’ pane so that you can view the content of the disc–and the menu structure–in tree-diagram form. Regrettably, due to a lack of scrollbars, if you don’t run the program at full-screen, you won’t be able to see some critical components.