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EdgeCAM 2018 R1

Prior to this enhancement, a user would manually apply profile extensions to avoid collisions. As the user no longer has to intervene, time will be saved in initially creating the CAM instructions. Moreover, strategy manager authors may now use this new function produce safer toolpaths. Specifically, when a user makes an edit to an existing command, Edgecam will not automatically regenerate the remainder of the instructions. This is particularly useful on materials where elasticity is an issue. The function will lead to both correct code and a more accurate cycle time calculation. Datum identification has become easier by way of different display markers. Users can now comprehensively edit a manually created milling feature.

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Vero Edgecam What’s new in Edgecam R1? Performance Improvements Mindful of the need to generate quick toolpaths to reduce production costs, EDGECAM R1 introduced three performance boosting enhancements to its machining engine, benefiting both turning and milling operations. Responding to customer feedback, the Waveform machining algorithm has been enhanced to reduce processing time. Previously, performance bottlenecks were detected when small stepovers were used, or on components with narrow channels and heavily curved regions. Manufacturers will now notice average time savings ranging between 15 and 60 per cent, depending on the complexity of the component and its cycle parameters. New Parting Off Cycle A new Parting Off cycle is available for turning customers, satisfying a high demand for a single cycle to not only perform the parting off toolpath, but also to deburr the back edge during the operation. Like all other turning cycles, Parting Off offers extended help through dialog pictures, and is sensitive to the current stock position. Located alongside the Down-Cut modifier, Up-Cutting reverses the direction of the toolpath, to utilize the Prime insert geometry. Multiple User Experience Turning Enhancements Found in the Rough Turn cycle, the Stock Runout function has been enhanced to give greater toolpath control when exiting the cut. The inclusion of Runout Angle and Runout Length means toolpaths can be trimmed to user-specific demands.

EdgeCAM 2018 R1

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