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Karelia Software The Hit List

Version 2. Latest version is 2. Company history[ edit ] Original Karelia Software logo. The original Karelia logo was inspired by events that occurred shortly after Dan Wood created Watson. The application was designed as a complement to Apple’s existing Sherlock 2 application, providing users various plug-ins to view specific internet content.

Karelia Software The Hit List

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Please leave this field empty: An entirely new way to approach the app, The Hit List for Apple Watch presents an elegant, efficient interface ideal for brief interactions, just a few seconds long. With Apple’s Force Touch technology, a press anywhere on the Today list lets people add a task using dictation. A tap on any task presents options to complete the task, move the task to tomorrow, or view task details. A tap on task details also lets users complete the task, but expands with an option to change the dates in 1-day or 1-week increments, and access the task notes. Alternatively, a press on the task details lets users complete, cancel, or start tomorrow. Changes to tasks on the Apple Watch show up right away on the iPhone and on the Mac. The Hit List glance provides a quick overview of the number of tasks completed today and the number of tasks still due. The version 2.

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The Hit List keeps things simple by not forcing you to learn a system. It can be as simple as just keeping a list of things to do as you would on a piece of paper. However, if you do have a task management system, such as Getting Things Done by David Allen, The Hit List is more than flexible enough to support you. It won’t interrupt or distract you. It is protected from prying eyes. Easy Sign up from preferences, and go. After you log in on a device or Mac, your data will come with you. Lists Plan and outline in your lists Today List Filter out distractions and focus on what matters today Keyboard Friendly.

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The Hit List is GTD– David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done method for productivity– aware but goes well beyond basic list keeping and focus. It’s for you if you have a lot to do, or your work is just fiddly enough that you need a powerful app to help you keep on top of it. The Hit List is going big. Not small — like our last release, squeezing it down for Apple Watch — but BIG to take full advantage of iPad. Please welcome iPad to the family of devices supported by The Hit List on iOS, all as a single universal app purchase. Karelia Software The Hit List. Dec 19, · The Hit List — Simply Powerful Tasks, To-Dos, Projects, & Reminders ($) by Karelia Software LLC is the latest version of the powerful to-do list manager that originally debuted back in /10().