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Kolor Autopano Giga 4

What is Autopano Giga 4? Packed with editing features yet easy to use, Autopano’s import, edit and export process can take as little as a few minutes for a completed panoramic image. Autopano Giga 4 can handle a lot of images in one panorama, so there’s no need for caution — just take your time and shoot methodically in order to avoid extra post processing work. Using a telephoto focal length can reduce lens distortions and helps to bring objects closer, though it will, of course, reduce the amount of the scene contained in the picture. You may need to shoot more images in these sequences. Whether pictures are taken handheld with a smartphone or compact camera or even using a professional DSLR mounted to a panoramic head, Autopano Giga 4 can handle the image sequence. The software works with images from any camera, including Raw files. We have experienced how quick and effective the software is in creating high-quality panoramas.

Kolor Autopano Giga 4

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Autopano Giga Autopano Giga 4. Based on Autopano Pro software and including its Features, Autopano Giga goes far beyond creating panoramas. So many choices in a new way Photos and the places you want to share. Solving problems? Autopano Giga 4. Finally, export to Flash in a virtual tour and create hundreds or thousands of photos of gigapixel images. New automatic color correction Improve the correction of moving objects, Manual checkpoint editor. Free of the nodes allows you to merge images, even if their nodes are not as implemented in PtGui. This is very useful for aerial photography, or when creating virtual tours and taking photos with your hands. Plugins Neutralhazer is a powerful tool that eliminates haze.

Kolor Autopano Giga 4

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Changelog Main changes This version is the final version of the next generation of Autopano engine, the version 4. With this version, we tried to address issues that people are still having when stitching panoramas. New color correction engine This is the first big change under the hood. Visually, you won’t see many changes, everything is behind. What is the color correction engine? First, It is not only about color, but also about exposure, hdr calibration, etc. This algorithm is the way we calculate relative exposure between images, color cast, etc. The real name is radiometric calibration. For the lenses, we calculate lens distortion parameters.

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Kolor is closed and existing Kolor products will no longer be updated. For support on Kolor products, visit Support Hub. If you are an existing customer in-need of assistance with accessing license keys, please try to find in your original email from Kolor, or contact customer support. Sep 28,  · Kolor Autopano Pro. Kolor Autopano Giga is one of the best programs for fast, semi-automatic creation of panoramas and gigapixel images. This program automatically determines the boundaries of photos and places them next to each other so that the seam becomes invisible. Autopano Giga (64 bit) allows you to save your workspace to quickly locate all current projects the next time you open the Autopano Giga interface is bestbuyhow.comegory: Digital Photo Tools.

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