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Turning to the details of the quarter. I’d like to begin with our Mac products and services. We established a new all-time quarterly record with sales of 5. - Finale 2012 Essential Training – Finale 2012 Essential Training buy

Using the exercise files 55s 1. Creating Lead Sheets and Other Simple Finale Documents 1h 4m Entering and editing notes using a mouse Simple Entry 4m 57s Entering notes using the computer keyboard Simple Entry 7m 25s Entering ties and accidentals5m 50s Making selections, and copying and pasting selections 5m 26s Transposing 4m 39s Using Speedy Entry for entering notes 5m 28s Measure basics and Music Spacing 4m 36s Adding lyrics 8m 36s Adding chord symbols 4m 51s Formatting chord symbols 4m 48s Formatting and printing a lead sheet 8m 3s 5. Notating Music on a Grand Staff 49m 57s Entering notes using a MIDI keyboard Simple Entry 5m 14s Entering triplets tuplets 4m 51s Entering advanced tuplets 7m 1s Entering clef, time signature, and key sign changes 5m 22s Working with measure attributes 3m 37s Entering modify commands 5m 14s Adding repeats 4m 59s Adding slurs, crescendos, and other Smart Shapes 6m 7s 6. Notating Choral and Other Polyphonic Music 21m 52s Using layers to notate polyphonic music 7m 42s Click-assigning lyrics 3m 39s Formatting and aligning lyrics 5m 42s Entering and editing text using the Text tool 4m 49s 7. Working with Small Scores 1h 0m Working with staves 5m 55s Adding articulations 4m 10s Using and creating Metatools to add articulations and expressions 5m 15s Simple Entry 4m 50s Creating and customizing expressions 5m 35s Score formatting:

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