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Adobe Premiere Pro has a rich legacy dating back to its release in Today, Adobe Premiere Pro has gained steam in some of the biggest markets including television and feature films. How has Adobe Premiere Pro continued to push the creative boundaries of the post-production industry for over 20 plus years? Premiere Pro CC incorporated JKL trimming, which implores keyboard shortcuts that allow you to scrub and trim elements simultaneously, performing precise cuts to footage as you watch it. Premiere Pro CC also comes with a number of adaptable media bins and panels that empower you to not only store your media, but also preset attributes to media before you drag them onto your timeline. Top 8 Free Resources Plus a Bonus! Terry has worked for Adobe for over 18 years and active in the industry for over 25! You can find him on Twitter at terrylwhite. And follow his blog , where he posts about a range of technological developments. - Premiere Pro CS6 Essential Training