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These can be huge and should be removed if you no longer use virtual machines. The last quick way is to find duplicate files on your hard drive. As a result, it is often possible to reorganize and copy files instead of copying files from downloads to applications or moving them to a more organized folder.

This means that there is still a copy somewhere. Finding these duplicate files manually is not an easy task. It literally takes hours to do it manually… Tools for quickly finding duplicate files I am impatient. Given that I clean up my Mac hard drive manually, I sweat cold. And reinstalling is definitely not an option. Gemini 2 by MacPaw I read all the blurbs and thought it looked okay.

Of course, if it was given the opportunity to write a review of reviewmacsoftware. To be fair, this site is half the reason my disk is full! Gemini 2 installation is of course easy. In fact, like most MacPaw products and most Mac applications, downloading Gemini 2 creates a. DMG file in the folder or wherever you put it.

Double-click the dmg file, accept a pop-up indicating that you downloaded the file instead of installing it from the Mac App Store, and then open the standard Drag to Application folder. Drag the icon to the application folder, then close the Finder window and unmount the dmg. Gemini 2 has been installed at this time. Anyway, Gemini 2 is safe, so you can click to open it.

Then, the screen like the left is displayed. The smartest person among you will find that I am only using the trial version for this review and test. Therefore, it can be said that the trial version is available and works fine.

Gemini 2 interacts properly with iTunes When you open Gemini 2, you may see a warning message on the right. Gemini 2 must open the iTunes application to properly scan and remove duplicates. All you have to do is process the files on the file system, but if you just process the file, iTunes can be confusing and the media will be corrupted. If it runs through iTunes, you can remove files from your iTunes library and file system to prevent media corruption.

Gemini 2 makes it magical. I was going to take a screenshot of the scan process, but it took only a few seconds and I missed it.

Gemini2 is really that fast. Scan Results- Gemini 2 Duplicate File Scan Results I missed the opportunity to take a screenshot, but the next step, of course, is the actual cleanup operation. The window that pops up looks like the window on the left. The free mode allows you to delete MB of duplicates in total.

Start by downloading the app. When you open Gemini 2, there will be a giant button for scanning your computer for duplicate files. Let it run. The runtime really depends on the size and type of files on your Mac. The app typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete a scan. If your Mac has fairly large files in bulk, it may take around 15 minutes. When the scan is complete, Gemini 2 notifies you of the size of duplicates found in total. You can manually review the duplicates by going to an overview window.

Now comes the most interesting aspect of Gemini 2: In other words, a significant amount of files the app will mark off as duplicates are really only potential duplicates.

This is an important distinction to make and the app will do it for you. The reviewing process eliminates the problem of accidentally deleting an important file. If you store photos, for example, some files may only have slight differences, but they might still be important to retain. You can easily browse these similar files and decide on which to delete and what to keep. The Drawbacks Gemini 2 is a highly useful app.

But like all apps, it comes with a few downsides. The biggest of these and perhaps the only one is that the app takes up a hefty amount of CPU capacity. When Gemini 2 is scanning your files, CPU usage can shoot up to 80 percent or more. You can use a trial mode as described above. The Bottom Line Gemini 2 is an immensely useful app for Mac users who store plenty of photos, music, video, and other files on their drives.

Macpaw Gemini 2

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I found this very helpful as I could get a quick idea of what those big files and folders were. When I reviewed these duplicates, I discovered a nice feature that I like about Gemini 2. Similar Files: In my case, the app found 1. I really like the way Gemini 2 lays out all duplicate files, including exact duplicates and those similar ones. Deleting Duplicates and Similars Reviewing duplicate files can be time-consuming, but I strongly recommend you take the time to do so. It may be a bad idea to delete duplicates that serve as data backups.

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Software Brandy November 5, Nearly everyone has duplicate files on their computer, whether they recognize it or not. This can be great for saving space without you having to go through every file manually. Is it a good product? Does it work well? And is it worth the money.

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Gemini app was a revelation. Leslie Hetherington Toronto, Canada The best duplicate cleaner ever! I’m consolidating years of files from two computers into one and need to eliminate a lot of duplicates. Gemini saved me literally days of agonizing drudgery. The interface is simple, amusing, and intuitive, and it’s also so fast!

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