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Fixed a preview-related crash when previewing many mvoies. Hat tip to Dominik R. You can control this separately for preview mode and cover mode. Bug Fixes and Improvements Improved compatibility with the Photos database. Search terms can now be excluded by prefixing them with a minus sign, i. Bert -Ernie would exclude Ernie. Bug Fixes and Improvements Compatible with Photos 2. Improved memory usage and speed of the movie crawler. New in-app icons and other visual improvements.

Note We’ve changed how Usher calculates some date values. This behind-the-scenes change means that if you downgrade to 1. As always, you should back up your files before updating Usher or any app. Drag and drop now works properly when trying to organize video files from search results.

Fixed some bugs related to working with the Photos database. Fixed a bug related to closing the Properties window with an active edit field. Growl support has been removed. Improved support for Photos. Fixed “Next Movie” keyboard shortcut issue. Fixed an issue that would cause Usher to scroll back to the top of the window after playing a video. Note Help is out of date with this release; we’ll update it to match the changes in this update shortly. Here’s why.

YouTube and Vimeo downloading have been removed. In Mavericks, clicking at a position on the playhead now jumps to that position, as it did pre-Mavericks. Changed the “Show File” menu item to “Reveal in Finder,” to make its purpose more clear. Animated GIFs now work as expected. Hat tip to Arndt L. Fixed a problem that occurred when rotating full-screen videos. Hat tip to Jan for finding this one. We now prevent iTunes podcasts from automatically downloading into Usher.

Fixed a fuzzy date description issue. Fixed a broken Growl framework reference. Hat tip to Tim L. Resolved issues related to working with videos in external libraries iPhoto, iTunes, Aperture. Hat tip to Mike L. The “Remove from Library” menu item now reads “Add to Blacklist” when looking at external libraries, to more accurately reflect its functionality.

Automatically play. Hover controls are now only shown when the mouse moves on the screen containing the video. Hover controls no longer show when Usher is in full-screen playback in the background. Fixed a rare bug that would cause the Movies folder not to show in certain situations. Movie trailers on Apple’s new movie trailers site are once again downloadable. Hat tip to Jonathan C. Item counts won’t overlap a source item’s name any more; this could happen on rare occasions.

Hat tip to ‘glebd’ for the suggestion. Hat tip to Keene H. Added Date Created as a new column in List View. Hat tip to Brett K. Added Date Added to the Info panel.

Bug Fixes and Improvements Better logging tools are available for us to use when debugging users’ problem reports. Fixed incorrect links in Help Files’ sidebar entries. Hat tip to Edgard K.

Fixed a problem related to Usher and caching certain Aperture libraries. Hat tip to ‘glebd’ for finding this one. Fixed a UI glitch related to the license window and demo users. Hat tip to Don P. The only limitation is that we’re unable to import Aperture’s keywords, as we can do for iPhoto videos.

Many Usher file dialogs now have New Folder buttons, at least where it makes sense e. Hat tip to Kirk M. Added new section to in-app help to cover supplementary folders, an Usher feature that allows you to spread your collection across many volumes, yet treat it as one large virtual folder. Bug Fixes and Improvements Referenced i. This fix also improves alias handling in general.

Hat tip to Keen H. The selected highlight used for selected movies now wraps around the entire preview image, making it much easier to see. Improved the algorithm used to locate the iTunes library file. When pausing playback of a still-downloading movie, the progress indicator no longer stops.

Fixed a bug that would cause Auto-Properties to fail when it encountered apostrophes. Hat tip to ‘burgerga’ for reporting this one. You’ll need to manually set the Open With value for such movies using the contextual menu. Bug Fixes and Improvements Usher couldn’t find the iTunes library for certain users in certain situations; this has been resolved. The Usher browser integration bookmarklet will open in the default browser, even for users who have set. Importing non-native QuickTime movies, such as those in the mkv format, should now be faster and more reliable.

New Tags and Properties editor makes it super easy to add metadata to your video and movie collection. Integrated iPhoto movies access, similar to existing iTunes movie support. Play movies in a separate window enabled by default. When hovering playback controls over the movie, the separate player windows hides its window controls whenever those are not needed.

Basic editing copy, cut, paste, revert to original, save later for videos. Non-smart playlists, as in iTunes. Rearrange Smart Playlist contents if sorted by index. Context-aware “Last Watched” sub-menu in File menu. Contextual menu “Other contexts” browser.

Contextual menu “Similar movies” browser. You can use Tags to help categorize movies, much like you use keywords in iPhoto to organize photos. Beyond Tags, Usher’s Properties are multi-value fields that can, for instance, store the entire cast for a movie in one Property. Usher makes it super easy to create Property entries for your commercial movies, too—an Auto-Properties button grabs the relevant data from Amazon, and populates the Properties fields for you.

Usher also includes a free-form auto-expanding Notes field, so if you like to keep notes about your movies, you can now store a near-limitless amount of text about each one. This text is fully searchable, too, meaning you can use the Notes field in Smart Playlists.

Organize For the ultimate in organization, you can sort your movies and videos into Folders, and use Playlists and Smart Playlists to create filtered lists based on Tags, Properties, and other fields such as Date Added. Playlists and Smart Playlists in Usher work just like they do in iTunes and iPhoto, so if you’re comfortable there, you’ll be right at home in Usher. With the power of Smart Playlists, your movie collection can be as organized as you want it to be.

One organization task that many people dread is renaming their recorded movies; there’s just not much relevant information in a video clip titled MVI MOV, but renaming tens or hundreds of similarly-named clips is tedium defined. Typically, you’d have to resort to an independent app, such as our own Name Mangler , to rename all your badly-named videos. But Usher’s got you covered there, too—it’s got a built-in renaming tool that provides quite a few options for batch renaming.

Search and Ye Shall Find Usher’s search feature makes it simple to find just the movie you’re looking for—and it works on the fly, as you type. By default, Usher searches everywhere for your search string.

Many Tricks Usher

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So much so that you’ll actually have time to watch your movies, instead of spending all your time organzing them. Usher’s interface allows you to easily group your movies, add informative data tags, find movies in your collection, and, of course, watch any movie you’d like to see. Usher integrates all your movies under one roof, as it can see and work with videso saved in Photos and iTunes, and even the older Aperture and iPhoto. DRM-protected videos from iTunes must be played back directly in iTunes, of course. You can watch movies in full screen mode, of course, or in a windowed viewer. In the windowed viewer, you can choose between a floating-then-vanishes overlay controller, or an always-there controller bar positioned outside the movie area. Usher’s tags and properties allow you to add tons of useful metdata data about data to your collection. Properties are fields that can store more than one value, such as Cast or Producer. You can create as many tags and properties as you like, and use them to allow very fine-grained control over sorting and searching your collection.

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Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could manage your videos and movies as well as Apple’s iTunes and iPhoto manage your music and your photographs? Now there is. Meet Usher, your personal movie assistant. Find and Manage Everything Usher is the ultimate movie and video assistant because it can see and manage pretty much everything: Usher can manage the videos you keep on your hard drive, and it will do so even if you don’t want to move your videos and movies into Usher’s library—it’s your choice as to whether or not Usher moves things into its library, or just helps you manage your collection in place.

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