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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

When you follow the steps in this article, you also prepare the system so that you can reinstall SQL Server Note To maintain or to update an instance of SQL Server , you must be a local administrator who has permission to log on as a service. SQL Server setup also installs and updates permission entries and service registrations. We test SQL Server setup procedures, both installation and uninstallation, in many configurations. However, we cannot test all configurations due to the number of third-party products and customer specific changes that can occur at the operating system level. Therefore, you may encounter rare circumstances that prevent successfully installing or uninstalling SQL Server by using the setup program. Because of these complexities, the SQL Server Support team may recommend that you reinstall the operating system if the procedures outlined in this article do not help perform a clean uninstall of the SQL Server program. This helps provide a clean platform to reinstall SQL server on your system.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise discount

Sign in to vote Hello I am currently looking to purchase Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition but before I do, I would like to know what the maximum number of rows is, that can be stored in a partitioned SQL table and non-partitioned for my understanding and completeness. I have read on more unofficial internet MS SQL sources, that you are limited only by the storage hardware available to you. Is this correct? Finding an answer to this question is not that easy on the internet at least. I am looking to store and query on up to 40 terabytes of transaction data 20, million rows approx. Thanks in advance.

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File Size: It enables you to store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, such as documents, images and music, directly in the database. SQL Server delivers a rich set of integrated services that enable you to do more with your data such as query, search, synchronize, report, and analyze. Data can be stored and accessed in your largest servers within the data center all the way down to desktops and mobile devices, enabling you to have control over your data no matter where it is stored. This fully functional trial software will automatically expire after six months. You can obtain the fully licensed version at any time.