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Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010

Hmm, I thought the changeover was to Terry I have had until I threw it out a disk for which I also lost the key discarded the package which had the key on it. It is definetly asking for a key and is version !! Wait – mine’s – sorry about that was the 1st year for it Maybe contact Microsoft? Marvin Hlavac Version was the first one to introduce software activation: There are some programs designed to retrieve product keys, but they seemed not to work with Microsoft Streets and Trips. The only suggestion that I see on page one of the discussion that may make sense for some people in certain situations, is Terry’s suggestion to clone a hard drive. I didn’t read the remaining couple of pages to see if there was further information that could help you, but here’s the link: It should give you the keys from your system. As well any profiles the manufacturer didn’t.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 discount

And that remains true of the latest version, Streets and Trips , even though many of its new features are less than compelling. If you’re not familiar with it, Streets and Trips turns your laptop or netbook into a full-fledged GPS-navigation and trip-planning device. As with previous versions, Streets and Trips ships in two packages: Microsoft hasn’t broken much new ground with the latest version of Streets and Trips. You do get updated maps for the U.

Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 low price

Remember the MapQuest era? Yeah, that was around the time the GPS became accessible to the public. The GPS revolutionized every industry that involved travel, especially sales. In , Five friends in Surrey, England began building the platform that would eventually be downloaded by half of the computers in the UK. Made popular by a loyal fan club, the software became an overnight success. Then, all of a sudden, it disappeared from the market.