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Key based login is considered much more secure than password based login. The good news is, most Linux based hosting packages allow user to active SSH access. But once it is done, you can enjoy more secure connection with less security concern. As my favorite code editor, Coda 2 takes up desktop screen most of the time. In this post, I will use a brand new configuration as an example, to show you how to add a new SFTP connection in Coda 2. Click on Generate a new key. To do so, I use ssh-add command in Terminal. Click on the Key icon beside Password box, and manually select the private key file we saved in previous step 7. Enter the passphrase for the private key. Click OK, and then Save setting.

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And with its deep suite of tools—including a snappy built-in FTP transfer client—it can be an absolute lifesaver for software engineers, web developers, and anyone else who needs to code on the go. But Nagware? I love this app. I open the app. Therefore, 1 star. Great app, but extremely disrespectful of paying customers. Edit to add

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On the new MacBook Pro, switch instantly between editor and preview, comment lines in a flash, and much more. Syntax highlighting is anywhere from 4 to 10 times faster. Symbol parsing is 10 times faster. Editor Improvements. Vertical indentation guides. Customizable column guide. Color-coded traditional or visual tabs. Local Indexing.

Panic Coda 2