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Hidden Details Not every image in the face is used in the Web player. The drag region, a bitmask image which Audion 1 used to draw face outlines while dragging, was the most interesting of these images. Some face designers used this image to sign their work. Others used the drag region to hide messages or drawings. When SoundJam first added support for Audion faces, they incorrectly used the drag mask for transparency, causing these messages to be cut out from the face.

Because of this, some face designers would hide advertisements for Audion in the drag region. A few of the faces in our archive are offensive, especially in a modern context, but they may be useful to future historians. However, as time goes by, it will become harder to preserve these faces. There are third-party libraries which can read these formats, but much more work would need to be done to the converter to get it running in current and future versions of macOS.

That makes now the ideal time to convert and archive Audion faces. For Fun The most rewarding part of this process has been revisiting the many great Audion faces in our archive. I hope you enjoyed this look into how the faces worked. I plan to post a followup in a few months detailing my progress converting the rest of the faces and showing off some cool finds. Please look forward to it! Posted at 3: Our next big thing.

By Cabel Hello, long-time Panic friends. We have a few quick — and important — announcements for you. A new Mac editor. For a very long time. Us too. Our next great Mac-native text editor, Nova, is about to enter private beta. A few possible answers to a few possible questions: Nova is a dramatic upgrade in every respect, a total re-write and reimagining. It felt appropriate to give it a new identity. How much will Nova cost? We also hope to provide a discount to Coda 2 owners, to be determined.

Will Nova be in the Mac App Store? Not at this time. And later, an updated iOS editor. Posted at By Cabel After more than 20 years of making quality apps you love for Mac and iOS, Panic was ready to try something new… …and that something was hardware. Playdate is both very familiar, and totally new.

It has a black-and-white screen with high reflectivity, a crystal-clear image, and no backlight. But it also has a crank. Yes, a crank: It also includes a full season of original games, at no extra charge, delivered each week to the system — games in all sorts of genres that are all hopefully surprises. Yes, this is all real. Stay tuned! But if you enjoy games, if you like beautiful things, or if you just enjoy having fun, you might enjoy Playdate.

Posted at 2: Please follow the link below to the job listing to see the other requirements for this position! I get it. Sound interesting?

Head on over to our jobs page and submit your resume soon. We really look forward to hearing from you. Posted at 4: Since then, a lot has changed. And sandboxing has evolved enough that Transmit can be nearly feature-parity with its non-sandboxed cousin.

So, as we promised at WWDC: Included with your subscription is Transmit, access to Panic Sync, and any major Transmit updates that we may release in the future, all rolled into a convenient yearly charge. And, of course, you can cancel at any time. You can still buy Transmit 5 directly from us. It will still include free minor updates. And you get the same support as a subscriber would. The choice is yours. Love the App Store? Subscribe today. FAQ Q: How much is it? Is there an upgrade discount?

Fun fact: Is it in the Mac App Store? No, just from us. This allows us to distribute a demo which we think is extremely helpful for people considering Transmit. How many computers can I use it on? Up to five computers, as long as you are the only user. For multi-user licenses, contact us! What if I just bought Transmit 4? If you bought from us after June 1st or maybe even a little earlier , grab your Transmit 4 serial number and go here.

How can I sync my favorite servers to Transmit on another Mac? Using Panic Sync! You can read more about it here. How can I have transfer status always shown? The new Activity View in Transmit 5 is designed to focus on what Transmit is doing at the moment. Anything new in Transmit Disk?

Actually, not much — Transmit 5 essentially ships with Transmit Disk 4 with a few updates. I sure hope not! Posted at Apart from these, really liking the update already! Panic Says: And as for seeing all pending transfers, please e-mail us some information on why this is helpful for your workflow so we can continue to improve Transmit!

Edward Beautiful- thanks for your hard work! Yet, you do. Very happy with the arrival of Panic Sync. Great job, boys and girls! Without upgrade pricing!

Panic Transmit 5

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So many companies offer cloud-based storage and sync that you may be drowning in a multiplicity of options. Transmit lets you connect your Mac via several internet file-exchange protocols and to most cloud-storage services. You can copy files either to and from your Mac or between servers or services you bring up in side-by-side windows. It also offers a modestly featured synchronization option, and an option to mount certain kinds of servers and services as Finder volumes. The interface has a refreshing new look that adopts and extends the style of the Transmit iOS app. That app was released first in and Panic has regularly updated it since. IDG Transmit offers a crisp way to connect to servers or load local files. Moving files around In the simplest use of Transmit, you connect to a remote server more on that in a bit in either or both the lefthand and righthand side of a transfer window.

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On April 27, , Transmit 4 was released. More than five years after the release of version The app was almost completely rewritten, had a brand new interface, over 45 new features, and was up to 25 times faster. On June 10, , Panic began beta testing Transmit 5, touting improved performance and new bestbuyhow.comper(s): Panic. 34 rows · The Panic File Museum. Welcome to everything we’ve ever made. Note: old software . Yes, Transmit 5 Rules! But Transmit 5 also HAS a super helpful and powerful Rules system, that you can use to treat different kinds of files differently. Learn all about why this is helpful with this hot vid! Video: How to Enable 2FA in Panic Sync January 26,

Panic Releases Transmit 5 for Mac – FTP & Cloud Drive Manager