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Photoshop CC For Dummies

You can change the following text attributes via the Options bar, which is usually available at the top of your screen: Tool Presets: Set up each as a preset and then activate all the options with a single click. The Orientation button toggles existing type layers between horizontal and vertical.

Regardless of what text is selected, the entire type layer is flipped when you click this button. Font menu: Click the triangle to the right of the Font Family field to open the Font menu, showing all your active fonts in alphabetical order.

You can also click in the field itself and use the arrow keys to switch fonts. If you select some type with a type tool first, using an arrow key automatically applies the change to the selected characters. If no characters are selected, you change the entire type layer. Font Style: When a font has multiple styles built in, you can choose a variation of the font from the Font Style menu. Some fonts, however, have no built-in styles. Font Size: You can select a font size in three ways: Anti-aliasing softens the edges of each character so that it appears smooth on-screen.

As part of this process, anti-aliasing hides the corners of the individual pixels with which the text is created. It is, however, critical when printing to an inkjet or when producing web graphics or designing for tablets and smart phones. Smooth is a good choice unless your text begins to look blurry, in which case you should switch to Crisp. Use the Strong option with very large type when the individual character width must be preserved. When designing for on-screen projects web pages, tablets, smart phones, and so on , choose System or System Gray for anti-aliasing.

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Photoshop CC For Dummies

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