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Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

Take advantage of Video Masks to blur out faces and licence plates, enhance subjects, or remove unwanted objects. Get inventive with pro-level cinematic effects including cloning subjects, customizing creative transitions, and more. Show related footage through your text to add depth and interest to your next project. Directly view and manipulate the color profile of your footage to keep skin tones consistent and looking natural, easily draw attention to objects, improve project cohesion, and more. Alter the mood, add drama, and more by choosing from LUT presets. Streamlined Editing Tools NEW Clip Nesting Plus and Ultimate Only Group clips together on your timeline with the new nesting feature to reduce clutter and make it simple to navigate sections of your project.

Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate low price

You can include several effects, such as changing the color, the format, and other characteristics. With Pinnacle Studio Ultimate you can create 3D videos—a great innovation compared to other video editing programs—and you can even watch them in high-quality resolution. Create whatever you want. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate offers you more than 2, effects, for 2D and 3D, allowing you to adapt your video to your preferences. And, of course, after importing them, you can watch the frames as many times as you want in the preview option. The results will be as if a qualified professional made them. Afterwards, you can export them for playing your video in a DVD or even in a Blu-Ray, keeping their quality at maximum.

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Looking for Pinnacle Studio 18? Pinnacle Studio 23 is now the newest version available Come and explore all of the new feature and updates since you purchased Pinnacle Studio New hardware updates, multi-camera editing abilities, and features like stop motion animation and split screen video are just some of the great new features you will fine in this version of Pinnacle Studio. Download Now Learn more A day free trial. No credit card required.

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