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Prosoft Data Rescue 3

I purchased PC3 based on reviews such as this, but when I ran the program it refused to find the drive! I could see it in Explorer it even had a drive letter assigned , showed up as a ‘raw’ drive in Disk Management, but nothing in PC3. Reinstalled the program, hit rescan the disks several times, rebooted a few times, still nothing. Called up tech support, but they weren’t much help. Since I work during their support hours I couldn’t be at my computer, and they refused to provide support unless I was physically at my computer! They wouldn’t even offer any suggestions other than to say it was ‘unusual’ for PC3 to not see a drive that windows could. Of course they refused to refund my money, but I’m not going to take off a day from work to troubleshoot their software.

Prosoft Data Rescue 3

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The software is intended for anyone who wants to do more than just repair a drive. You might have a great need to recover a deleted file, access files on a damaged drive to restore them, or examine files to see if they can be rescued. The program works with thumbdrives and external hard drives, and even flash cards from digital cameras. In many ways, the tool is actually not the last step. That procedure can cost thousands and take months, so Data Rescue 3 is actually quite a bargain if it actually works for recovering your data. To use Data Rescue 3, you will still need to set aside some time, however.

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Data Rescue 3. No files were save and now my computer doesn’t even recognise the hard drive. I lost everything. Be very careful when using this, and make sure you back up your data before attempting to use this software. Data Rescue 3 has never destroyed a drive or a Mac by simply scanning the drive. When DR3 scans , its just reading the drive for information. It is possible that what seemed like a few corrupted drives could actually be a partial corrupted direcrtory structure and that can cause your Mac not to boot anymore or a failing drive. We see this all the time with thousands of support calls and emails. Here is a how to guide on to deal with a failing drive clone it http:

Prosoft Data Rescue 3

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