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To ensure uniform testing, I deleted the same files on both machines two weeks prior to testing. The issue is a command called TRIM , which zeroes out the parts of the drive where deleted files are stored.

By clearing sectors that are no longer in use, TRIM extends the lifespan of an SSD, but it also greatly reduces the efficacy of data recovery utilities. There is, however, a possibility that utilities can retrieve recently deleted files. Recovery The home screen of Data Rescue contains three inviting buttons: When you launch a recovery, you’ll see both the disk and its volumes. I selected my disk to expand recovery results.

On the next screen, I discovered four scanning options: Quick Scan, which identifies minor issues with a hard disk; Deleted Files Scan, which searches a drive’s free space for lost files; Deep Scan, which crawls the entire disk; and Clone, which copies the file system for further recovery.

Given my interest in recovering specific files, I selected the Deep Scan to increase my odds. Unlike Stellar Phoenix , Disk Drive tallies recovered files in storage size. The utility identified approximately MB of unreadable files, including empty folders, a pair of preference files, and a document called NowContact. Suffice it to say, I was unable to recover the files I had intentionally deleted.

I had more success scanning my HDD. The process took the better part of a day, but I would add that I ran the utility alongside three others on a heavily-fragmented drive. The deep scan recovered more than 73GB of files. Files are automatically sorted into found and reconstructed folders, with subfolders for various file types e. I ran a Deep Scan on the drive. The scan took 20 minutes. The results page has two sections: Found Files, which lists the files that are currently on the drive in my case just some system-related files created when the drive was formatted , and Reconstructed Files, which are files no longer on the drive, but found and identified during the scan.

Notice that the images no longer have their original names. They have been lost. It uses pattern matching techniques to find the remnants of the data left by the files. I selected the images and restored them. I went in search of information. A Deep Scan tries to identify certain types of files by specific patterns within the files that are still left on the drive.

These patterns are identified by File Modules which are listed in the Scan Engine preferences. Although PDF files were supported in version 4 of the app, the module is missing in the pre-release version of version 5. I also had trouble restoring a text file. In one test, I created a very small text file, deleted it, and then scanned for it. Data Rescue failed to find it even though a text file module is present in the app. The default value is bytes, and my text file was much smaller than that.

It does this by analyzing sample files. A Deep Scan is very thorough, and will identify a wide variety of file types, however the file names and location of the files will be lost. Clone a Drive With Hardware Problems Before It Dies Scans can be quite intensive, so the act of scanning a dying drive may put it out of its misery before you recover your files.

And if all goes well, you can use the new drive in place of the old one moving forward. Cloning a drive that is failing will allow you to run scans on a new drive, prolonging the life of the old drive. It is able to recognize a wide variety of file types, and is able to learn even more. Although it is not cheap, you may find it worth every cent if it can recover your valuable files, and the trial version of the software will show you what it can recover before you lay out any money. Ease of Use: A more advanced Professional Mode is available to those who want additional options.

Technical support can be contacted via live chat and email. Or maybe you simply overwrote a preferred version of a document. Data Rescue caters to non-techies—consumers, small business owners, and parents who don’t know how to use FaceTime. There’s even a chat button embedded in the menu that connects you to a well-staffed call center. Data Rescue also has professional bona fides. Prosoft offers processional and enterprise versions of the utility as well as physical recovery lab. After fifteen years in the business, Prosoft Data Rescue 4 continues to offer one of the most powerful and accessible tools for data recovery.

View All 4 Photos in Gallery Options and Pricing Similar to its competitors, Prosoft lets you preview your drive’s content before you purchase the utility. What’s praiseworthy about the Data Rescue demo is that you can run a Deep Scan of a disk and preview as many files as you wish. Once purchased, Data Rescue includes generous licensing; you can recover an infinite amount of data from up to five drives. Prosoft is also flexible with those terms.

A technician said that you can request additional drives, if, for example, you need to recover data from multiple SD camera memory cards. It boasts unlimited recoveries and a partnership with the company’s Data Rescue Center. Windows users should note the Mac version boasts a more streamlined interface and superior cloning functionality. That said, the next version due later this year will bring Mac, PC, and Linux offerings into alignment, according to a Prosoft technician.

Methodology I tested Data Rescue alongside four other recovery utilities using two Macs: Both systems run the same version of macOS Sierra. To ensure uniform testing, I deleted the same files on both machines two weeks prior to testing.

The issue is a command called TRIM , which zeroes out the parts of the drive where deleted files are stored. By clearing sectors that are no longer in use, TRIM extends the lifespan of an SSD, but it also greatly reduces the efficacy of data recovery utilities.

Prosoft Data Rescue 4

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If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Data Rescue has earned over industry awards for best-in-class Mac recovery since it’s debut in When there is a problem with this hard drive, it can be very difficult, frustrating and time-consuming to get those files back. BootWell is an all-new feature that makes recovery of your main hard drive painless, fast and easy. When your main hard drive is crashed and won’t give you access to your files, you won’t be able to download or install new recovery software. How can you get your files back in this situa- tion? Boot from a BootWell drive that has been created by Data Rescue 4! Your BootWell drive will let you scan your main hard drive, finding all your files and allowing you to recover them over to another drive.

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Data Rescue PC4 is a solution for recovering files from a crashed or virus-corrupted hard drive. Do not use a repair utility until you’ve safely recovered your important files and stored them in a Subcategory: System Utilities. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ProSoft Data Rescue PC – Drive Recovery Made Easy at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5. May 25,  · The $99 Prosoft Data Rescue 4 is a data recovery utility that’s designed to diffuse these crises. Data Rescue caters to non-techies—consumers, Occupation: Contributor.

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