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Each bus holds controls for level, pan, mute and solo as well as eight insert slots. The sample recording can be triggered manually, by threshold or MIDI events and thanks to the different automatic mapping modes your samples are ready to play in no time. Flexible user interface HALion incorporates the most efficient and flexible user interface presented in a virtual instrument, allowing you to undock, move and resize windows, create function tabs and save entire screen sets — ideal for multi-monitor setups and perfect for keeping you focused.

Leave your acoustic fingerprint From surgically precise EQing to ultra-expressive sound design tools: Sound Zones Sample oscillator With each HALion generation the sample and editing capabilities in HALion have been advanced to the point where the complete workflow, today, is streamlined close to perfection. Powerful sample manipulation tools like AudioWarp for seamless pitch-shifting and real-time time-stretching open up undreamt-of possibilities. The convenient sample-editing tools and the perfectly integrated slice mode give you the opportunity to edit and transform your sounds directly in HALion.

The advanced loop detection automation lets you turn your raw material into sophisticated instruments in next to no time. Next generation wavetable synthesis With the next-generation wavetable synthesizer in HALion no questions remain unanswered.

With two aliasing-free wavetable oscillators arranged in parallel, HALion introduces a powerful yet flexible new sound source for stunning re-synthesis and unheard-of sound creations.

The new profound analysis features even let you get creative using your own sounds with ease. Wavetables are automatically extracted, envelopes directly implemented into the wavetables on the fly, the integrated pitch detection finds the right blocksizes with just a click and the graphical spectrum editor makes editing harmonics intuitive and comfortable. Granular synthesis The granular oscillator in HALion raises the standard in terms of flexibility, musicality and sound.

By breaking down samples into smallest bits and by playing back the grains in any order, the spectra of all kinds of sounds can be extracted to create stunning new sonic spheres. Each oscillator generates up to eight different grain streams, leading to impressively rich and spacious structures. The innovative feature set offers deep access to the core of the oscillator, supporting you with a fresh, flexible and great-sounding approach to creative and user-friendly granular synthesis.

Virtual analog synthesis Although designed with a classic setup, the virtual analog section in HALion is geared up with future-proof tools and technologies. Mix the three main oscillators, the sub oscillator, the ring modulation and the noise generator to create powerful cutting-edge sounds. With 16 different oscillator types including traditional waveforms and several algorithms like pulse width and cross modulation the sound of the synthesis can be shaped in various different directions.

The highly CPU-efficient multi-oscillator mode allows you to create stunningly rich and wide sounds by multiplying, tuning and panning the voices of the three main oscillators. Organ oscillator With nine drawbars for the organ and three for the percussion, the organ oscillator in HALion faithfully recreates the sound of the classic C3 drawbar organ.

Combine two organ oscillators and create instruments with multiple manuals and bass pedals. Due to the sample-based approach of the simulation the organ oscillator in HALion not only sounds warmer, punchier and more authentic than organ simulations based on sine-oscillators but the organ oscillator in HALion also is way more performance-efficient than organ simulations of similar sample size.

Filter section The powerful filter section in HALion is an essential part of the sound shaping process and directly connected in series to each oscillator zone.

Nine high-end filter types including classic filters, tube drive and bit reduction offer various possibilities to form your sound to the individual character your are looking for.

The wavetable that is loaded can be viewed in 2D or as a 3D version which you can rotate around in different directions. The arp is actually quite nice, and it has several settings you can tweak. There are many different patterns that can be loaded in, and you can save your own as well.

Skylab is another synth included in Halion Sonic 3. It has a good deal of sampled material with which to work and includes two modes: Sample and Grain. Sample mode uses a basic load-it-and-play approach — pretty straightforward sample playback. Its filter section and distortion can add varied types of character to the audio, and the envelopes and LFOs are very similar to the Anima synth. The real fun starts when you switch it to granular mode, as additional controls appear for Position, Duration, Level and Pitch.

Each of those also has a random control that lets you dial in many more variations for the sample playback e. Some of the other controls let you set the amount of grains and configure the stereo width. Skylab also has a modulation matrix to assign targets for modulation and an arpeggiator. Both Skylab and Anima merit dedicated reviews since there is so much packed into both of them.

It is a step-sequencer type of drum plugin. There are several different type of samples for each part. For example, there are different kick and snare drum sounds, 32 high, mid and low toms, 64 crash cymbals, and many others to choose from. Delay and Reverb top off the drum sounds with some added effects. Getting Busy Since this is a workstation, you can load up to sixteen different instruments on the left side of the display. Each one you load in has its own Mute and Solo buttons.

On the Mix page, the individual instruments can be panned, have their levels adjusted, and each of them has four effect sends more on the effects later. Clicking the Edit tab brings you to a display where you can change a program. Each program can consist of up to four layers with a different type of sound on each layer. The five layer types are drums, samples, synth, sliced loop, and instrument.

So you could add up to four instances of the same instrument or two of one instrument and two of another, etc. Speaking of effects, there are four effect busses available. Each of the busses can have up to four effects loaded in. These can be routed to the main output or to one of the other fifteen individual outputs.

Clicking the Edit button will bring up the controls for that particular effect. Another nice function is that you can easily click-and-drag to move an effect into a different slot or bus, or copy it to another slot. Besides those four busses, there are also four effects slots available on the main output. These effects could be used for overall EQ or maybe some compression, reverb, etc. Some presets are included for each effect, and you can save your own. Here are just some of those that are included: The FlexPhraser and Pads function are both very useful.

The FlexPhraser can be used to make pre-made chord strumming and arpeggiated patterns. These can be easily accessed there are loads of them already on board or you can create and save your own. They are organized in the dropdown menu by types such as Synth, Bass, Guitar, Piano, etc.

Loops can be played by individual slice or the full loop.

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The Germany-based company has been around since , and they have built a loyal following over the years. HALion Sonic 3 uses the Soft e-Licenser copy protection which is installed along with the instrument, and uses an access code for downloading and activation. It is also available in a standalone version. The easy answer is that HALion 6 has everything needed to develop additional content — things like a sampler capability, a wavetable editor, the tools for developing hosted instruments with custom GUIs, and so forth. Getting Started After you are all squared away with the download and activation, you will be ready to load some sounds and take it for a spin. I will get to how you go about recording within the workstation you could also trigger it with MIDI from your DAW , but first I wanted to cover a few other items.

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By fusing the inspiring and powerful tools of a next-generation sampling environment with the creative potential of a first-class synth engine, HALion 4 ushers in a new era in professional sound design. The hybrid character, along with in-depth editing tools and the most efficient yet flexible desktop concept ever witnessed in a virtual instrument set HALion 4 clearly apart from traditional software samplers. Add to this an outstanding range of studio-grade effect processors, a world-class library and one-of-a-kind features, such as MegaTrig or VST 3. State-of-the-art sound design environment developed according to the requirements of professional sound designers Award-winning bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with up to kHz, 32 stereo outputs and 6-channel surround support Flexible user interface for customizing and saving windows and screen sets Multi-monitor support for perfect overview of large projects Virtual Analog Synthesis Engine offers multiple oscillator types, additional sub and noise oscillators and cross-modulation support VST 3. OS X Version

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