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Windows XP Professional

The new feature included in the Professional version that an option available is to switch hard disk storage type from Dynamic to Basic and Basic to Dynamic. In Professional Edition a new opportunity available that it has multiple language support.

Its latest updates protect your system files and avoid files to overwrite. In any case, if the file is overwritten then your Windows File Protection manager will restore the correct version. It also provides its consumers with fast internet performance. It provides better users with photo-handling and printing. It has improved the help and support center and having peer-to-peer networking support.

It got new security upgrades and malware effects and having efficient upgraded Internet Explorer. XP Professional also added Task Menus that are context-sensitive. Features It has a user-friendly interface and provides all the creative facilities to its users. It will provide its users with automatic wireless connection support also.

Also, It will protect and ensure your security on your operating system. One of the most stable releases of the operating systems in the Windows XP series. Windows XP has security updated features and keeps your operating system protected from viruses, worms, etc. It also added interesting Start Menu, which should include a list of programs. Also, It has improved peer-to-peer networking support.

It is one of the GUI based Operating systems, especially for the low specs hardware also. Fast internet performance and less crashing. Most of the versions of the XP Professional like in SP3 got new security upgrades and malware effects and having efficient upgraded Internet Explorer. It also removes certain “complex” features, and does not allow users to run more than three applications at a time. After a pilot program in India and Thailand , Starter was released in other emerging markets throughout Consumer interest was minuscule, with roughly 1, units shipped to OEMs , and no reported sales to consumers.

Service Pack 3 is slightly different, in that it needs at least Service Pack 1 to have been installed, in order to update a live OS. It contained over minor, post-RTM bug fixes, along with all security patches released since the original release of XP.

SP1 also added USB 2. This feature was added to comply with the settlement of United States v. Microsoft Corp. The security improvements codenamed “Springboard”, [71] as these features were intended to underpin additional changes in Longhorn , included a major revision to the included firewall renamed Windows Firewall, and now enabled by default , and an update to Data Execution Prevention , which gained hardware support in the NX bit that can stop some forms of buffer overflow attacks.

Raw socket support is removed which supposedly limits the damage done by zombie machines and the Windows Messenger service which had been abused to cause pop-up advertisements to be displayed as system messages without a web browser or any additional software became disabled by default. Additionally, security-related improvements were made to e-mail and web browsing. Service Pack 2 also added Security Center , an interface which provides a general overview of the system’s security status, including the state of the firewall and automatic updates.

Third-party firewall and antivirus software can also be monitored from Security Center. This was done so that the browser would not violate a patent owned by Eolas.

Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Professional discount

Download Step On this page, you will want to press the next button at the bottom right. Now you will see a screen prompting you to protect your PC. You will want to decide if you want Windows XP to have automatic updates on or not. I chose to have the system do automatic updating to save from the hassle of having to be sure the computer’s user remembers to update the computer. After making your choice, you will need to press the next button in the bottom right. Now you will be prompted to give the computer a user. After giving the computer at least one user you may want to give it many , you will need to press the next button.

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Microsoft Windows XP Professional [Old Version] Product description. Designed for reliability, security and privacy, high performance, and ease of use, the Windows XP operating system provides a host of benefits forbusiness and home users/5(). Dec 24,  · Windows XP Professional 32/64 bit Free Download is released after the Windows Millennium and Windows Millennium is released after the Windows Windows XP professional is the release for the professionals like office work, a professional user of a computer that needs near about full functionality of the windows XP professional features.5/5(4). Jan 29,  · Windows XP Professional ISO download for 32 bit and 64 bit pc. Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO bootable image free download. Windows XP is light, stable and super fast. It has been the most popular operating system of Microsoft.