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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010

It scanned my standard clean system in about 22 minutes; the average suite takes 30 and Kaspersky took Both Extreme Security and Kaspersky completed a repeat scan in just 2 minutes they save time by not re-checking unchanged files. The malware scanner treats high-risk threats immediately, leaving the user to approve its treatment of lower-risk threats.

It doesn’t separate them into multiple pages the way F-Secure Internet Security does, and it applies its treatments quickly. If the first treatment fails it offers another, sometimes repeatedly: Several times it worked through that list and ended with Failed.

It’s unsurprising, then, that Extreme Security’s score of 6. The ZoneAlarm suite detected just under 90 percent of the threats but didn’t clean up well. It left behind executables for a third of the threats, with several still running after cleanup. For another quarter of the results, it left behind all nonexecutable traces. In a parallel test using commercial keyloggers Extreme Security scored 4. The scan detected all but one rootkit and eliminated the rootkit element of all those it detected.

It scored 6. Like Kaspersky, it flopped at removing scareware—both suites share the low score of 3. Better Blocking Extreme Security’s defense against new malware starts with blocking dangerous sites. It blocked downloading over 80 percent of my malware samples—a bit more than Norton managed. If the site passes muster, Extreme Security takes over the download. New in this edition, if it can’t guarantee the file is good ZoneAlarm offers an advanced scan that analyzes the file’s execution in a virtual space.

The advanced scan starts after the download finishes and can take a minute or so. Norton’s comparable Download Insight starts working right away and will often quash malware long before the download is complete.

Extreme Security did identify several threats using the advanced scan and also flagged its own online backup utility as malicious—the company fixed that error quickly! When I opened a folder containing already-downloaded samples, the on-access scanner quickly quarantined about two-thirds of them. That’s decent, but Norton eliminated almost 95 percent of the threats right away. And Extreme Security missed almost a third of my hand-modified versions of the threats it had wiped out on sight.

That suggests its signatures aren’t as flexible as they might be. Extreme Security scored 8. In a parallel test using commercial keyloggers, Extreme Security’s score of 4.

Performance ZoneAlarm’s publisher, CheckPoint, sources its virus detection engine from Kaspersky, but adds its own antispyware detection. In terms of threat detection and removal efficacy, independent data isn’t available yet for the version.

According to virus and malware detection results at AV-Test. In my empirical testing of scan times, I noticed that the quick scan was extremely fast–it took less than 30 seconds. The full scan was fairly quick, too, taking about 20 minutes. The two deep scans that are available scan all data on the computer including archives, and appropriately they both took upward of 90 minutes.

ZoneAlarm Security Suite added more than 14 seconds to the boot time of the test computer, while ZoneAlarm Extreme Security added more than 19 seconds.

The impact of the programs on shutdown times was less dramatic in both cases, with the Security Suite adding just over four seconds and Extreme Security adding just over two seconds. In our basic scan test, Security Suite was only 20 seconds slower than the fastest engine we tested, Kaspersky Internet Security Extreme Security clocked in at 1, seconds seconds slower than KIS.

Security Suite notched seconds on the Microsoft Office test and Extreme Security hit seconds, compared to the baseline of seconds.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010

Discount ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010

It bundles together the basic security suite with the unique features of ID theft mitigation and recovery service, online data storage, and the optional PC utility. This premium suite gives a lot of bang for the money, including one year of free identity fraud monitoring. ZoneAlarm did well against the zoo Trojan horses, worms, password-stealers, and other nasties thrown at it, identifying on average 94 percent of the , collected samples. Ordinarily this would place ZoneAlarm high among the products tested, but in this roundup it came in sixth out of the eight. ZoneAlarm Extreme scored very strong numbers when it came to detecting and removing rootkits–stealth malware used to hide infections from PC users and security software alike.

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010

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ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Cons – If you encounter problems installing or using the product, their technical support is almost non-existent. Summary I have been a paid subscriber of Zone Alarm products for many years and recently when I encountered problems installing their latest version, I quickly discovered that their technical support is almost non-existent. I contacted their Chat Support when I had problems installing their latest version and was unable to install it. I was given instructions via email and when I tried to reply to their email, their checkpoint. When I contacted their Chat Support, the staff tried to blame my email account and suggested that I use another email account to reply. When I tried using another email service provider to reply and got the same undeliverable email message, the staff then tried to blame my email client and told me to use the web email to reply.