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ACDSee Ultimate 8

( C) A dendrogram illustrating the similarity of odor-evoked locomotor patterns across 98 DGRP strains. Hierarchical clustering distance was based on the Pearson’s correlation coefficient between odor-response time-series for each strain. The three strains chosen for further analysis are color-coded cyan (strain A-RAL57), orange (strain B-RAL790), and red (strain C-RAL707).

ACDSee Ultimate 8

ACDSee Ultimate 8

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ACDSee Ultimate 8. Crop setting is now more user friendly. Added One Drive support in Folders pane. Bug Fixes Fixed a border crash with a certain aspect ratio. Fixed a crash caused by the watermark and text tool in Edit mode. Fixed an issue in Sharpen tool mask. Fixed a transparency issue when you convert a tiff to PNG. Fixed an issue that exposure warning may show transparency.

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