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Adobe RoboHelp 10

To use this option, the author must have Acrobat X Pro. By default, RoboHelp allows your reviewers to comment on your doc with just the free Adobe Reader, as your accounting department cheers. RoboHelp pulls the comments back in, issues a report, and displays the changes.

Problem is, this is a structured Title field, so RoboHelp wanted to delete the whole field easily seen with Track Changes, by the way. This is why the author has the final word. Adobe RoboHelp 10 Review: Should you buy it?

Ultimately, whether to buy RoboHelp 10 depends on what type of outputs you need and the environment you work within. The review workflow is substantially easier, enabling better collaboration between authors and subject matter experts, and also among teams of help authors. Among them: Many employers are seeking to manage knowledge within the organization by storing a variety of documents in Microsoft Sharepoint.

In previous versions, Multi-File Search and Replace might identify the topic, but you would still have to open the topic file from the project manager to get the context and copy the material you need. With the much more robust Search and Replace pod, you can optionally open any topic for editing from the results window. You can also search for or exclude from search HTML tags.

RoboHelp supports the ePub 3 standard to export user assistance to eBooks. You can create eBooks, and download the Adobe Digital Editions reader software to view your results. On the less exciting side of the ledger, not much has changed in the actual authoring space.

The RoboHelp team has done a great job listening to its users, especially in the review workflow. You can learn more about Adobo RoboHelp 10 by visiting their product page. Rick Stone 8 years ago Just a note to point out that the review functionality is not new with this version of RoboHelp. It now also works smooth on very big online help systems. We have fixed a nasty bug, that occurred when client-side and server-side merging were turned off but a Responsive HTML5 output was created from a merged project.

When you accessed the master project from the server Administration Console, then the index keywords, glossary entries, and dynamic content filters did not populate correctly in the master project. Fixed now! In certain scenarios with just a few existing projects in RoboHelp Server, some users noticed a long delay in publishing a new project.

We have looked into that, isolated the problem and: Fixed it! Last but not least: Now you do not have to restart Tomcat for index and search to work after each publishing of a project.

Authentication When using HTTP-based user authentication, users are now getting redirected to the correct page on successful authentication. Topics whose title or initial content contains special characters can be searched properly now. Some special characters in a topic URL made the page to open in a new tab. We fixed that. When a project contained Unicode content, then the TOC, index, and glossary did not work as expected.

We have also fixed that. Please follow the below steps to update Adobe RoboHelp Server Alternatively, you can also download the Update directly: Install Update 1 for RoboHelp Server 10 Once you have downloaded the installation package, follow these steps: Locate the AdobePatchInstaller. Stop the Apache Tomcat server.

Adobe RoboHelp 10

Adobe RoboHelp 10

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Applies to: Installation instructions For detailed instructions on installation, visit the installation page: Trial software RoboHelp 10 trials are “try and buy”, allowing you to evaluate individual products or editions and then convert the installed trial to a full version. If you purchase a copy, enter its serial number in the product screen where prompted. License agreement You must accept the license agreement and warranty terms to use this product. Visit www.

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