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Clicking on the Download Now Visit Site button above will open a connection to a third-party site. This year’s version adds a handful of advanced features to iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand without making them more difficult to use. It’s a shame iDVD and iWeb did not receive updates with this year’s version, but with a slightly lower price for upgraders than in years past, iLife ’11 still represents a good value to consumers looking for a set of tools for editing and sharing media. Editors’ note: The initial version of iLife ’11 had given some users problems , specifically with iPhoto ’11 library upgrades. Affected users had lost some or all of their photo libraries. The initial version had also shipped without the calendar-making feature in iPhoto. Both of these issues have since been addressed with software updates. For the purposes of this review, we’re not including those two in this write-up. Setup and interface As usual, iLife comes preinstalled on new Mac computers, so if you just bought one of the just-introduced MacBook Airs , you already have the suite.

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New letterpress cards let you combine your photos and text with elegant imprinted designs to create unique wedding invitations, birth announcements, holiday greetings and more. You can choose from 15 different genres including Adventure, Romantic Comedy and Epic Drama, each one complete with its own unique titles, graphics and cinematic soundtrack. Powerful new tools make it easy to selectively adjust audio levels and apply sophisticated visual effects like flash and hold, instant replay and jump cuts with a single click. People Finder analyzes your videos and marks sections containing faces, so you can quickly find the perfect clips for your trailer or movie. Flex Time lets you move, stretch or shorten individual notes by clicking on just the part of the audio waveform you want to change, without affecting the rest of the recording. Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork, and professional software.

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Features showcased included a new, iOS-like full-screen mode for iPhoto, redone audio editing and trailer templates in iMovie, in addition to revamped recording and teaching tools for GarageBand. It will also come preinstalled on all new Macs. In a lengthy demo that consumed nearly half of Wednesday’s press event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs was joined by Senior Vice President Phil Schiller, Randy Ubillos, chief architect for the company’s video applications, and Xander Soren, GarageBand’s product marketing manager, who each took one of the suite’s flagship programs to demonstrate. Faces and Places look similar to their iPad counterparts, while Albums adds the ability to pull read-only photos from both Facebook and Flickr accounts. Projects now displays user-created items like books and cards on a wooden shelf.