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Am reposting the problem here: This is using a Macbook and an Iphone, both with the latest Feb software. Have reinstalled several times but no change. Have posted about this in the community forum several times and it seems a lot of other people have the same issue , but no response. Fyi I’ve used Roon software and its app and they perform perfectly together, but I prefer the audio quality via Audirvana.

Still, this remote issue is potentially a dealbreaker. Developer Response , Hello, thank you for your feedback concerning our Remote app. We are aware of an issue with Tidal in the Remote app and we are currently working on a fix for it. You’ll have an update in the upcoming days regarding this. With Audirvana 3. Can you update your Audirvana and try to use your Remote with Tidal?

All for the price of a good interconnect. Or rent it, like your music. I use it. Time to revisit an alternative: A viable alternative to Roon — or still a lagger? And which sounds better? Game on. Plisson recommends bit Windows 10 April 17 update onwards with 8Gb memory. Bottom line: Each subsequent release has honed the sound, added functionality and improved stability. EQ, for example. Major new versions are also billable. You do need to factor in plugins as well, which can be pricey. Version upgrades have been free so far, with each delivering significant extra functionality.

Both handle MQA. And then some. Endpoints are the recommended approach. Start at the bottom with a Raspberry Pi for forty quid. Here we are sticking to a Windows PC and a Mac. But then again, Roon can do that too. It eschews cleverness for the sake of it to feel modern and straightforward. Dark and light modes are available, as is a mini-player when needed. That search results are returned from both your own library and those of Tidal, Qobuz et al.


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Well, you claims are quite dubious. Please go read: At a resolution of max If something is lossy it can by definition not be of high resolution. And however You look at it technically it is of less than CD quality. It actually does not do what they say, max lossy resolution is 24 bits at 48 kHz everything above that is pure upsampling.

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When the best music streaming service meets the best audio player You would have never dreamt your Mac could be such a High End audio source Do you have a voucher? Open its Preferences, Streaming page. What is Audirvana? No compromise.

Audirvana version+ version 3 now has MQA