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Autodesk Softimage 2015

Overview[ edit ] Autodesk Softimage is a 3D animation application comprising a suite of computer graphics tools. Subdivision modeling requires no additional operators and works directly on the polygonal geometry. Each modeling operation is tracked by a construction history stack, which enables artists to work non-destructively. Operators in history stacks can be re-ordered, removed or changed at any time, and all adjustments propagate to the final model. Control rigs are created using bones with automatic IK , constraints and specialized solvers like spine or tail. Optionally, the ICE system can be used to create light-weight rigs in a node-based environment. The rigging process can be sped up through the use of adaptable biped and quadruped rigs, FaceRobot for facial rigs and automatic lip syncing.

Autodesk Softimage 2015

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Autodesk SoftImage free download for windows. This is complete offline one click standalone setup of Autodesk SoftImage which is compatible with 64 bit operating systems. Autodesk SoftImage is fully loaded with latest features of 3D and there are new bulks of extraordinary stuff of 3D included in this final version of softimage. The top highlighted features in Autodesk SoftImage are lock icon for locking animation layers, plotting options for collapsing animation layers, inheriting explorer colors in PPG and Keying Panel parameters, displaying only the active animation layer parameters and Keying panel enhancements. Autodesk SoftImage can easily handle large data files, cache shaders in high quality viewport, script editor formatting improvements and performance improvements. With the help of tab key now designers can easily add shader nodes in the Render tree just in one click. In short Autodesk SoftImage is an ideal tool for creating 3D animations with latest effects and animations. Features of Autodesk SoftImage Locking animation layers.

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Deathstick wrote: Now making all 3D packages a bit more standard in interfaces would be nice but imo it’s pretty easy to jump from one to the other already. Unless you’re doing animation, in which case I gather things are a bit tricker to go from one to the other. This is more like a F1 Team or a Cycling Team, there’s someone who have to sacrifice himself to have more chances to make the team leader win. Softimage doesn’t have a software renderer besides that. Denny wrote:

Autodesk Softimage 2015

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ADSK unveiled the versions of its popular 3D animations tools: Whether our users are creating effects for a movie blockbuster, a game for one of the new consoles or developing a mobile app, the versions allow artists to focus on what they do best — storytelling. Autodesk animation software aims to provide the right tools for a 3D animation project. Every animation product has updates to enable artists to better manage complex projects and large data sets, while helping stay on schedule and on budget. Beta testers have been impressed with the new capabilities and the focus on improving everyday tasks for artists. New capabilities are: The ability to exchange Ptex and multi-tile UV textures between Maya and Mudbox helps facilitate an iterative round-trip workflow between Mudbox and Maya. Enhanced image plane matching between Maya and Mudbox allows artists to use the same reference image without having to readjust the image to match. Export Blend Shapes with multiple targets or Blend Shapes from Maya into Mudbox for sculpting, and then merge them back into the original Maya scene.