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Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7

Bouncing lets customers render a clip with custom sound effects directly from the Fairlight timeline. Adding multiple clips is easier as they can now be added vertically to the timeline, not just horizontally, making it easier to add multiple tracks of audio at once.

Multichannel tracks can now be converted into linked groups directly in the timeline so users no longer have to change clips manually and reimport. Frame boundary editing now adds precision so users can easily trim to frame boundaries without having to zoom all the way in the timeline. Modifier keys are now supported so clips can be duplicated directly in the timeline using the keyboard and mouse. Audio effects easier to find DaVinci Resolve Finding audio effects is also faster with automatic sorting that will separate them first by category, and then by native or third party plugins.

Blackmagic Video Assist 3. This update lets customers take advantage of Blackmagic RAW workflows and allows dramatically improved quality and creativity in the post production process. We think it will also greatly assist the post production pipeline when used with editing and color correction in DaVinci Resolve. Support for copying and pasting clip EQ. Support for creating and applying presets for clip EQ.

Support for adding, managing, and custom mapping of plugin parameters. Support for changing relative clip levels. Support for resetting clip levels to unity. Support for editing fade shapes and deleting fades. Support for saving and recalling user-defined track view presets. Support for enabling layered audio editing from the desktop audio editor. Support for choosing automation curves from the editor panel or console. Improved behavior when moving track selection with no tracks selected. Support for improved timecode entry and high frame rate timecode.

Support for entering relative timecode values. Support for inserting 00 in timecode entry by using the colon key. Support for master spill on console faders. Support for finer adjustment of controls using the mouse or audio editor. Support for media left and media right selection keys. Support for a text-only label mode. Support for a traditional Fairlight keyboard layout. Improved support for legacy Fairlight project import.

Improved import of EQ, automation, and fade from legacy Fairlight projects. Improved speed when importing large legacy Fairlight projects. Editing improvements: Improved performance when switching to large timelines with many tracks. Support for creating a compound clip from an in-out range in the timeline. Support for previewing timeline audio during live overwrites of video edits. Support for editing individual angles to the timeline from a multi-cam viewer.

Support for updating clip duration display while editing in the cut page. Support for a change transition duration dialog. Support for viewing duration in frames or timecode format in the viewers. Support for Fusion transition templates in the edit page. Support for Fusion generator templates in the edit page. Support for timeline view options per system in collaborative projects.

Media Pool improvements: Improved audio track metadata support with support for up to 24 tracks. Support for duplicated clips and timelines being placed in the source bin. Support for sorting media pool clips by date added. Support for showing synced audio filenames in the media pool list view. Support for revealing the media pool location of a clip from a smart bin.

Support for a media pool context menu to duplicate clips and timelines. Support for only additional files when repeating media management copies. Color grading improvements: Multiple stability and usability improvements for collaborative projects. Support for smart filters based on keywords and people metadata tags. Support for modifying primary grade values using numerical values. Support for retaining out of range data when monitoring at video levels.

Support for Fusion MediaOut name tooltips on the node graph inputs. Support for feet and frames data burn-in options. Support for disabling output sizing and blanking for individual clip renders.

Scopes improvements: Support option for showing scopes at video level and data level. Support for highlighting the color viewer qualifier position in the scopes.

Codec improvements: Support for rendering audio-only timelines. Support for decoding bit floating-point audio.

Blackmagicdesign DaVinci Resolve 7

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You get powerful primary and secondary tools, curves, tracking, stabilization and more! GPU Accelerated Scopes GPU accelerated scopes show more detail, have faster performance, and add dozens of new options for advanced technical monitoring! Curves with Histograms Custom and HSL curves can display a histogram that lets you see which part of the curve affects the image to help guide your adjustments. You get a completely integrated and powerful digital audio workstation with full mixer, EQ and dynamics processing, sample level audio editing, ADR tools, sound library support, FairlightFX audio plugins and more! You get a huge set of indispensable ResolveFX and FairlightFX plugins, along with support for 4K, 8K and higher resolution projects at frame rates up to frames per second.

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Most of the improvements are Fairlight-related, which is the build-in audio editor in DaVinci Resolve. Image credit: Finally, Blackmagic RAW 1. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve DaVinci Resolve