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Generally speaking, I have no issues with “different” UI’s as long as they are intuitive and functional. At first glance, the dropbox that opens when one launches the program seems like a nice touch. And it would be if so many file types didn’t crash the program often requiring the user to kill the executable in task manager just to escape.

Aside from the fact that this is generally frustrating, it also means you’re back to square-one of your project. But assuming one gets past the file import issues, the 3 available workspace views are somewhat confusing to navigate between.

I found myself spending way to much time clicking around the program to get where I wanted to go. Lastly, there is the support issue. Basically there is none! Corel will provide free support for installation issues encounted for a few weeks after purchase.

After that, you’re on your own unless you want to purchase their “Premium Support” on a per-incident basis. Without this, you can’t even send a support inquiry by email. Rather, after forcing you through a maze of FAQ and knowledge base pages, Corel’s support site will finally suggest that you post your problem in their user forum.

The only problem is, Corel does not host a forum for this particular product. If only I could get a refund on this hopeless software! Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t even suggest bothering to install the trial version but certainly do so if you need to satisfy your curiousity. If it works for you, by all means post a postive review here. Word Processor- i. Spreadsheet- i. Presentation- i. Bitmap Image- i.

Vector Image- i. Full list of all formats supported by the program can be found on the official Corel website. In addition, it should be noted that Corel PDF Fusion adds a special virtual printer to your system on the other hand and integrates as an add-in to the popular Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel. Corel PDF Fusion offers a lot of conversion options. For example, you have the possibility to select and use the desired Setup profile for example, web, print quality, and so on , PDF file format for example, 1.

There are plenty of useful tools at your disposal. With the help of the program you can insert a new page to the PDF document or, on the contrary, delete pages; crop or extract pages, rotate pages left or right, and so on. In addition, Corel PDF Fusion also allows you to add texts and bookmarks you can add both text and area bookmarks and specify the desired name, letter style, color, size, and so on ; Comments for example, you have the possibility to add notes or free text to the PDF document, highlight or underline texts, and so on ; Watermark the program provides you with a lot of watermarking options; you can specify the desired text, font, letter style, color, size, opacity, position and rotation ; Hyperlinks Corel PDF Fusion allows you to create a link and add it to a page, a web page or a file.

It offers two encryption levels to secure your documents against unauthorized use- bit and bit. With the help of these encryption levels you can restrict some document features, for example, the program allows you to restrict printing or editing features, and so on.

All you need is to enter a very strong password and nobody will be able to open and edit your PDF files without your permission. Advanced Functions- Corel PDF Fusion includes two very useful tools which allow you to find and redact specific words on the one hand and copy and correct the selected text. Currently the program supports spell checking for three languages only- English, German and French. Conclusion There is no need to go that PDF format is the most widely used nowadays for exchanging text documents among users and organizations because it is very convenient and it can be viewed on any computer.

Just for this reason, it is necessary to have at least one application for viewing and editing them. This application is equipped with all necessary tools for reliable and easy viewing and editing PDF documents on the one hand and converting other file formats to PDF on the other hand.

The program will give you everything; so you do not need to search for and install a lot of other programs. The program includes plenty of advanced editing tools which will help you to have full control over any PDF file.

The program allows you to assemble one PDF file quickly and merge, extract or delete pages. In addition, there are a lot of basic and advanced editing options at your disposal.

Corel PDF Fusion allows you to add bookmarks and notes to PDF documents, protect them with watermarks or a strong password, and much more. All in all, in conclusion, I can say without any exaggeration that Corel PDF Fusion is a very good program for working with PDF documents thanks to tons of useful features and tools which allow to effectively and reliably work with PDF documents without the need of any other software application.

I think it is worth giving it a try. Pros 1.

Corel PDF Fusion

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Users can add content from multiple file types and sources and create a single PDF document using them. Corel, the company behind Corel PDF Fusion, has been providing graphics and productivity software since The rating is based on ITQlick expert review. Whether you have 10 employees or 10,, PDF Fusion offers tailor made pricing plans to suit any budget and any size. The software can be used by small business, enterprise, government and legal professionals and entities. The drag and drop supported interface supports adding multiple file types and content from multiple sources. The final document wizard tool can help users to optimize the documents for printing or the web and users can protect the file with password if they want.

Corel PDF Fusion