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Your Mac. As good as new. The app is famous for its minimalist, iconic interface and features which are a perfect mix of simplicity and serious business from the very first version on. The last three years, I was a Simplenote guy. But Simplenote worked better than Things for me. You could paste anything into it and the new content would be immediately available across all your devices, and on the web. My notes were always with me. And after I found Notational Velocity for Mac , a Simplenote desktop client, I completely stopped searching for other solutions.

Cultured Code Things

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A complete rethinking of the original, award-winning task manager — with a perfect balance between simplicity and power, incredible new features, delightful interactions, and a timeless new design. Get Organized Create a project for each of your goals, then add the steps to reach them. For clarity, add structure with headings. Review these regularly to stay on top of things. Plan Your Time See your calendar events alongside your to-dos and plan your time effectively. Create repeating to-dos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months — Things will remind you on the right day. Pick some more steps from your projects and then get going.

Cultured Code Things

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Awards[ edit ] Things has won multiple awards over the years. Things won the Apple Design Award again with the release of Things 3 in Collect[ edit ] Inbox is used to temporarily collect to-dos which have not been filed into a specific list yet. Organize[ edit ] Projects are collections of to-dos that contribute to the completion of a larger goal e. A project can be subdivided with headings. Once the project is finished, the user marks it complete and it moves to the Logbook with all the to-dos it contains. Areas can be used to group together projects and to-dos which correspond to the same, ongoing theme e.

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Cultured Code, makers of Things for iOS and macOS, today released Mail to Things, a feature that enables Things users to save new tasks directly into the app’s inbox through a dedicated Things Cloud email address. Mail to Things consists of an email address to forward messages to, which will. Things and Alexa do not integrate directly due to technical limitations, but if you can build a workflow that generates emails, you would be able to use Mail to Things to send Alexa’s output to your Things’ Inbox. Projects ”disappear” from the sidebar. Cultured Code. May 18,  · Things 3 from Cultured Code also has app-wide search, and this can be accessed at any time just by pulling the screen all the way down. Just type what you Author: Christine Chan.

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