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FontLab Fontographer 5

You cannot show the names of characters in the font window unless they are Unicode glyphs—and characters for oldstyle figures, small caps, small cap figures, denominators, and so on do not have Unicode names. Its hand letterspacing tools are really laborious and difficult to control. But that is compensated for by the power of its Auto Space and Auto Kern controls. Fontographer does a marvelous job of auto spacing. Fontographer is for digital graphic designers who need to make or edit fonts in the course of their work.

FontLab FontLab is a professional font design program for people who went to school to learn font design, people working in the font industry, and designers producing fonts for sale. Its interface is not nearly so intuitive as Fontographer, but it is much more powerful. You can control it with Python scripts, you can write OpenType features within it. It can do class-based kerning easily and well.

It has a far superior interface for people who need to hand produce all the letterspacing and kerning in a font. It does really well at generating new glyphs for special encodings. It can automatically add any new glyphs used by an OpenType feature set, use multiple master fonts for building font families, work with up to 64, characters for Asian fonts , right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew text support, programmable font transformation, encoding templates, editing CMap files, manual TrueType and Type 1 hinting, and test fonts with Font Auditor.

Plus it can show character names in the font window. FontLab is for the professional font designer and others who need to create robust, commercial-quality fonts.

My personal advice? Decompose a component and unlink a reference to make local changes only. Use Auto layers to build predefined glyphs and keep them automatically updated.

Apply tracking, modify widths, sidebearings and kerning globally or for selected glyphs. Automatically or manually link metrics between glyphs using complex expressions. Automatically build kerning classes. Automatically calculate metrics and kerning, or use autokerning suggestions as you kern manually.

Audit Kerning to find class kerning combinations that produce visual conflicts, and automatically convert them to exceptions. Compare fonts, merge and split font glyph sets and variations. Modify fonts, glyphs, metrics, kerning and technical font information. Convert between font formats, improve screen appearance with automatic and manual hinting.

Exchange font source with other font creation apps. Kern feature optimization by KLTF. Keep reading! Also, BitFonter 3 runs natively only on Windows. So, wait with the upgrade until you have evaluated your other options. If you have Catalina They involve some setup, and in some cases, some purchase — but you even have options that are completely free.

Use Codeweavers CrossOver Mac version 19 or newer. Then, install your bit apps that you already own inside the virtual machine, and run in there.

Overall, this gives pretty seamless experience. So if you rely on these classic FontLab apps, contact our sales for information about purchasing cross-grades from your Mac versions of classic FontLab apps to Windows versions of these apps. You can use them to create virtual machines, also called guests or VMs: From the point of view of the guest OS, the VM is the computer on which it runs.

You can maximize the guest OS window — so then the guest OS runs in full screen.

FontLab Fontographer 5

FontLab Fontographer 5 cost

FontLab or Fontographer? Fontographer or FontLab? We need to get this question out of the way before we get started. Personally, I started in Fontographer in the early s and gradually built a little sideline of designing fonts. They were selling a little on Myfonts. This transformed my career. I learned how to write OpenType features.

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It is the comprehensive solution for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic design studios, allowing them to design typefaces and create or modify fonts. Watch tutorial video on better curves. In-context design: This way, you can quickly switch between related lettershapes and design them in a coordinated fashion. Edit your outlines faster with Power Nudge, slide node, G2 Genius nodes, revolutionary Tunni lines, live rounded corners. It is my favorite drawing program — often used to produce pieces for needed graphics. I love the drawing GUI. The table on the right and the panel on the bottom give you detailed numeric control over your metrics and kerning. Watch tutorial video on spacing. With class-based Kerning, kern a glyph against a class of glyphs, or entire classes against each other.

FontLab Fontographer 5

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