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Geometric CAMWorks 2015

Geometric Ltd. The new capabilities in CAMWorks are a result of more than 60 customer-driven enhancements. Some of the most significant enhancements to CAMWorks include: It also improves quality by automatically selecting the best machining strategy to meet the required quality requirements. The chucks and fixtures can be moved or rotated in x, y, and z directions with respect to the Fixture Coordinate System FCS of the current part, ensuring that the chuck or fixture is properly aligned with the current part. CAMWorks significantly reduces programming time and removes the drudgery from CNC programming by using patented Feature Recognition technology in conjunction with full toolpath to solid-model associativity and knowledge-based machining. For more information, go to www. About Geometric Geometric is a specialist in the domain of engineering solutions, services and technologies. Its portfolio of Global Engineering services, Product Lifecycle Management PLM solutions, Embedded System solutions, and Digital Technology solutions enables companies to formulate, implement, and execute global engineering and manufacturing strategies aimed at achieving greater efficiencies in the product realization lifecycle. Listed on the Bombay and National stock exchanges in India, the company recorded consolidated revenues of Rupees

Geometric CAMWorks 2015

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Geometric Limited , BSE: CAMWorks is an industry leader in knowledge-based machining, proprietary feature recognition, and true G-code machine simulation. These technologies enable the automation of the programming process, which result in faster CNC programming, faster setups, plus faster and more concise machining. Using CAMWorks inside Solid Edge, the design and manufacturing models become one in the same and the fully associative tool paths will update automatically to design changes. The proprietary automatic feature recognition and patented technology database also allow users to capture and automatically reuse their best practices to significantly reduce programming time. CAMWorks Virtual Machine is also available for Solid Edge, providing true G-Code machine simulation with collision detection to eliminate dry-runs and significantly reduce setup time. Geometric has also amassed a post processor library made of all the major machine tools to aid in rapid implementation of CAMWorks. CAMWorks is available in 11 languages and is sold in over 60 countries.

Geometric CAMWorks 2015

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