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Filed May s, 4 Sheets-Sheet: Kuzmick, Clifton, N. This invention relates to the manufacture of slide fasteners and more particularly to the molding of conventionally shaped slide fastener elements directly onto a tape. In the conventionally shaped slide fastener element or scoop, the coupling portion or head of the element has for its coupling or interlocking means a projection on its top face and a depression or pocket on its bottom face. Such an element or scoop may be molded directly onto the edge of a tape in a two-part mold between which the tape is received at the meeting or parting plane of the mold, but a core means must be used to form the depression or pocket in the element head. Such a mold usually comprises two mold sections separable in the plane of the tape, each mold section having a mold cavity corresponding to one-half of the element or scoop as divided by a vertical medial plane of the element.

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