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These files are also hosted on Bitbucket. In this hands-on course, Christina Truong demonstrates the concepts that form the foundation of CSS, explaining what you need to know to tweak existing CSS and write your own. Christina explains how to add colors and other design elements to take your webpages beyond just black text on a white background. She shows how to use selectors, how the box model defines the spacing and sizing of page elements, and how to style text and manage basic layouts with Flexbox and Grid. She also covers working with advanced selectors, creating fluid layouts, and determining when to use the float and position properties. - LinkedIn Essential Training – LinkedIn Essential Training prices

Adobe Photoshop Lynda. Course Description: Julieanne Kost brings you up to speed with Photoshop and shows you how to take advantage of Smart Objects and Smart Filters when combining multiple exposures together to create composites, panoramas, double exposure effects, and more. Along the way, she shares how to increase productivity when working with templates, enhance color and tone both globally and locally, retouch distracting elements from images, quickly add type with layer effects, use libraries to store content, work with Artboards, export and publish images, and more. Topics Include: – LinkedIn Essential Training Buy

Did your favorite make the cut? LinkedIn Learning will have the same great content but provide an even more personalized experience. Upgraded features to explore LinkedIn Learning is the same online course We apologize for the inconvenience and assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our key technology services are robust and reliable. Current Status There are currently no alerts. Maintenance Services scheduled for maintenance over the next 7 days. Please refer to the calendar view of alerts for a complete schedule. There is currently no planned maintenance. – LinkedIn Essential Training—Welcome