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Learn how to create your own with this powerful publishing platform. Staff author Morten Rand-Hendriksen will help you get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and websites. Morten explains how to create and publish posts and pages; customize your site with themes, widgets, and custom menus; and extend WordPress even further with plugins. Plus, learn how to get more readers with social media sharing and comments, and how to adjust the settings that keep your site safe and secure. This course covers WordPress 4. We will update the training as WordPress evolves. Topics include: - PHP Essential Training

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There are 19 chapters, covering various topics like building web pages, working with forms and cookies, and building a CMS. The course was revised in and is a great general introduction. Once you finish it, you can move onto the more advanced PHP training in the lynda. It covers PHP and MySQL separately and together, a section on e-commerce, a real-world development guide and 10 start-to-finish case studies. Over 1, pages long, this book is a mega-resource. The book covers each of its four eponymous technologies separately, however the best thing about the book is the final chapter. Called Bringing It All Together, it pulls all four together to create a real, functioning social networking site. Click here to get it from Amazon. - PHP Essential Training