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Don’t take our word for it It’s just what it says: Well worth the money. I had no idea how much space could have been recovered. I’ve always done my best to keep my drive uncluttered. Forget maintenance, this does it all and super fast. Woot Woot! Excellent product! Thank you!

Macpaw CleanMyMac 2

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Hit Return or Enter to search. CleanMyMac X moved much further in maintenance capabilities than its predecessor. For example, the new version includes: Smart Scan that not only finds junk but also detects vulnerabilities and improves the efficiency of your Mac; The upgraded Menu with multiple valuable instruments and instant features; Malware Removal, which finds and neutralizes possible threats; Optimization, which manages login items, hung and resource-consuming apps; Updater, which monitors and delivers recent updates for your apps; CleanMyMac X Assistant, which guides through all maintenance and cleanup processes, gives advice, and gladly helps you. Was this article helpful?

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There are rave reviews all over the internet about CleanMyMac 2, but the question is, are these reviews really unbiased and are the claims that CleanMyMac will speed up your Mac really accurate? Cleaning up the disk space on your Mac is extremely unlikely to speed it up. Various review sites talk about more space on your hard drive means more time for your processor to do the things you want it to. This is utter nonsense. More space on your hard drive does not speed up your processor. More space on your hard drive allows you to install more apps, movies, music etc. These processes running in the background do take up processor time and removing them can free up your processor for things you want to do. So with that cleared up cos it irritates me insanely! I run my Macbook Pro on a Samsung SSD drive which gives me outstanding performance and I highly recommend this drive if you want to speed up your Mac by an order of magnitude! So space is of a premium!

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Since my initial review of CleanMyMac X , MacPaw made some nice improvements, although some features still fall short of what they could be. Handy modules MacPaw set out to make its Menu Bar utility much better and has succeeded. This is a nice touch and the menu can be customized as you see fit. CleanMyMac X 4. Malware removal Unfortunately, the Malware Removal module shot the previous version of CleanMyMac X in the foot, and in the latest version, it does so yet again. MacPaw cites extensive changes to this feature, and I was curious to try it.

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Oct 29,  · Based on using MacPaw’s CleanMyMac X since its original release (we originally reviewed it back in ), this software comes highly recommended to our readers. The interface is sleek and easy to use with no knowledge of Macintosh maintenance or complicated terminal commands required. Like any free or paid optimization software, it does have the possibility to cause harm if you /5. Apr 24,  · MacPaw CleanMyMac 2 CleanMyMac 2 isn’t perfect, but it achieves what it sets out to do—remove the detritus from your Mac and free up some drive space in the process.4/4. Owners of previous app iterations such as CleanMyMac Classic, CleanMyMac 2, or CleanMyMac 3 are eligible for a 50% discount on the most recent X version. MacPaw also offers an exclusive 50% discount to Apple and FileMaker employees/5(26).

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