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Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium

No more developers saying “Can Not Reproduce As for the Architecture tools, you finally have the ability to create Architecture diagrams Class and Sequence diagrams were used heavily in the demo I saw and generate your code from the diagrams.

You also get the ability to reverse engineer code back into UML diagrams. This may not sound exciting, but there’s another feature that makes it all worth it which is The best thing that I saw with the Architecture tools, is the ability to define Architecure rules while you’re desiging your diagrams.

Once those rules are defined, you can make the part of the build process. Visual Studio will then validate the code against the diagrams each time a build happens. For example, this issue occurs when you have the release version of Visual Studio Ultimate installed on the same computer where you have Microsoft Visual Basic Express Service Pack 1 installed.

This kind of installation may cause stability or functional issues. Visual Studio SP1 detects whether the installation of SP1 is complete and may prompt you to update it if the installation is incomplete. This makes sure that the installation is in a known, stable state.

Note IIS 7. For more information, visit the following blog: This new syntax is used by ASP. Note Razor is not included in SP1, and you must download it separately. NET Framework 4. When you use an Edmx file together with ADO. A Self-Tracking Entity Template does not generate code for function imports that do not have a return value.

EntityKey property is nulled. A Self-Tracking Entities Template generates incompatible code for dot-separated namespaces. A Self-Tracking Entities Template does not generate default values for scalar properties on complex types. Miscellaneous code-generation changes to comply with Visual Basic pretty-lister guidelines. F Visual Studio SP1 fixes issues with stability of the compiler and code correctness for generated code. For example, this service pack fixes calling convention correctness for platform invoke and emitting XML document comments for extension methods.

Additionally, this service pack improves the performance of generating an event hook up. JScript Editor Extra space is added under the code when the Keep tabs option is selected.

Indentation is incorrect for empty object literals. The JScript function formatting option Parens does not function as “worded parentheses. Atlas IntelliSense is not present when script manager has a ServiceReference http path. The memory of the Visual Studio process increases to MB when you open another project, you leave the current project open, and the current project has lots of JScript files that are opened. No IntelliSense exists inside a ForIn condition.

Very large memory growth occurs when you comment or uncomment large JScript files. Typing is very slow in a JScript file that has long content on one line. Global members that come from external files cannot find IntelliSense. Loss of colorization and IntelliSense occurs after you update IntelliSense to reference a remote or non-existing service.

Visual Basic Compiler A crash may occur when you type near the ReadOnly property, and multiple field declarations are present. When any local’s type comes from a signed assembly, Visual Basic does not show values in the Locals window. In large projects that contain many XML doc comments, you may experience delays in the editor when you type. When you switch the focus between expression fields, you may experience delays in large Workflow Foundation projects.

IntelliSense Enum values are not shown. A large Visual Basic project may crash when it is closed. The Visual Basic Language Service crashes when you open a web project. For example, you open a Visual Studio project. After a debug session, you cannot rebuild or debug the project again, and you receive an error message that resembles the following: If you rename or undo a paste of Windows Forms controls in the designer, the designer file leaks during the Visual Studio instance.

You upgrade a Visual Studio project to Visual Studio , and you retarget the project to the. When you close the Visual Studio instance, a supported language version of Visual Studio may crash. The “Schema Compare” feature ignores composing children when the Only compare elements that exist in the source item is enabled.

An Incremental Database Project deployment becomes unresponsive when the project contains long check constraints that have to be normalized.

Index Hints do not resolve across database references in a database project build. Debugger Debugger randomly treats “step-into” and “step-over” procedures as a “run to completion” procedure. Visual Studio hangs after several debugging sessions, and a blank Windows Internet Explorer window appears. Pinned debug values. Visual Studio crashes when it imports the same Data Tip that was previously exported. When you perform client-side debugging, you receive the following error message: Tip Error: The breakpoint will not currently be hit.

This location could not be mapped to client side script. Only “std:: IntelliTrace Log files are removed for the Disk Cleanup operation. Crashes that were introduced in customer’s application are fixed. A crash that occurs when you switch to the Disassembly window you enter Historic Mode is fixed. Crash-on-exit because of putting a trace file in Run mode is fixed. IntelliTrace for bit and SharePoint IntelliTrace is the revolutionary new debugging technology in Visual Studio that enables you to move forward and backward through a debug session.

However, because of time constraints and because it is a completely new feature, this technology does not work in all scenarios.

JScript profiling does not work on Russian and other European and Latin American language operating systems. JScript profiling does not work with Windows Internet Explorer 9.

Visual Studio crashes when you profile a Web Application project by using a customer web server setting. More accurate sampling in Hyper-V. Improved JavaScript profiling to enable profiling of multiple processes. Improved stability it performs bit profiling. Visual Studio may crash when you configure prerequisites. A Setup project compilation fails when you run it from the command line. The Devenv. T4 Visual Studio SP1 contains the following improvements: Customize or extend T4 templates by using template inheritance.

Use helper libraries with T4 much more easily because T4 no longer locks referenced assemblies in memory. Deploy T4 to your build server for build-time generation. SCC glyphs are not displayed in Solution Explorer. HTML Designer cannot be used as expected to design web pages.

The IDE locks completely when you try to add Silverlight items to the toolbox. Deleting controls that have a background thread running causes Visual Studio to crash. The error list is not displayed when XAML files that contain errors are opened. Performance improvements when you select a different color profile are added.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium

Visual Studio 2010 Premium